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Heartwarming / The Parselmouth of Gryffindor

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  • As Hermione is more relaxed about the rules, she fits better with Harry and Ron, and they almost instantly become friends, with no bad arguments between them.
  • Hermione's friendship with Maximilian the sentient Boggart.
  • Hermione teaching her pet snake's babies about human things; they're so eager and absolutely precious!
    • In the following Easter, Hermione reveals that Tsh is actually learning how to read.
  • Hagrid getting his pardon from Fudge.
  • Hermione has Lucius Malfoy free Dobby, and she suggest the elf to work for Quentin the Quick-Quote Quill. The latter later sends a letter to Hermione, thanking her for helping free him and for Dobby.
  • The Granger parents' relationship with their daughter, particularly in Chapter 55.