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Works in this franchise with their own YMMV pages:

The franchise in general:

  • Sequelitis: In both media.
  • The Woobie:
    • Eric and Shelley. Hot damn.
    • James O'Barr. All the pain, self-hatred and survivors guilt Eric displays is taken from his own experiences with his fiancee dying. Even worse, he became extremely close with Brandon Lee, only to have him taken away too.
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    • Brandon Lee and Michael Masse. The former for being tragically killed at a young age because of an accident, and the latter for being somewhat responsible for said accident and having nightmares from it until his death in 2016

The comicbooks:

  • Awesome Music: Yes, for a graphic novel. Trust Obey released a soundtrack entitled "Fear and Bullets: Music to Accompany the Crow Comic Book" and is specifically made to play while you read.
  • Awesome Art: Flesh And Blood, and Dead Time have the best art.
  • Tear Jerker: The Crow: Curare features a detective obsessed over a brutal rape and murder of a small child named Carrie, whom the Crow brings back. Carrie, however, doesn't really understand what's happened to her and interprets things as a child would, which somehow makes the whole thing even worse.


The first film:

  • Adaptation Displacement: The film was a major Hollywood release, while the comic is niche even within the comics world. The film did help bring more exposure to the comic, however.
  • Awesome Music: Both Graeme Revell's score, which won awards, and the soundtrack, which featured notable bands as My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, The Cure, a Joy Division cover by Nine Inch Nails, among others. Mostly James O'Barr's favorite bands at the time he created the comic and whose songs were frequently referenced and used thematically in the comic.
  • Complete Monster: Top Dollar, a Detroit crime boss who established himself as the supreme ruler of all criminal activity in the city, is a chaotic arsonist who enjoys destruction and murder purely for its own sake. He organizes Devil's Night, in which buildings are burned down all throughout the city. He orders people terrorized out of their homes, and one such couple includes Eric Draven and his fiancée Shelley, who are both violently murdered by his goons, with Shelley also being raped. After Eric attacks Top Dollar's associate Gideon, Top Dollar shows Gideon the eyes of one of his previous victims before killing him. He eventually becomes tired of the profit reaped from the arson and other activities, and announces his plans at a criminal convention to burn down everything. After Eric attacks the convention, Top Dollar captures his young friend Sarah in order to lead him into a confrontation where he tries to throw Sarah off a roof before taunting Eric about his and Shelly's deaths.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Eric's Jesus joke, not helped by the fact that he's saying it to Funboy while the latter is high on morphine and shooting at him to no effect as Eric moves in for the kill.
    Funboy: Jesus Christ!
    The Crow: Jesus Christ? Stop me if you heard this one. "Jesus Christ walks into a motel. *gunshot* Ow, he hands the inkeeper three nails and he asks-" *gunshot*
    Funboy: Don't you ever fucking die!!?
    The Crow: "Would you put me up for the night?!"
  • Dancing Bear: Brandon Lee was killed in a freak accident during filming, and in the scenes that hadn't been filmed yet he had to be digitally inserted or replaced by a double. This generated a lot of interest in the film at the time.
  • Evil Is Cool: Top Dollar is very well-regarded by fans due to his hilarious lines, awesome voice, memorable appearance, and general badassery. He even has an impressive sword collection to showcase his coolness.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Myca and Top Dollar, in all their diabolically fashionable glory.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The movie is about a guy who returned to life after being shot dead, starring a guy who was accidentally shot dead during filming. Not that this is funny, but Eric's occasional flippancy about being dead and people intending to kill him definitely qualify for this. One particularly jarring line, "Take your shot, Funboy - you got me dead bang" is spoken to the character whose actor pulled the trigger.
  • Genius Bonus: Eric's makeup is meant to resemble the theatre mask for irony. After all, what's more ironic than getting killed by a murder victim (or as he puts it, "Victims. Aren't we all")?
  • Harsher in Hindsight: It's really hard to watch behind-the-scenes interviews of Brandon Lee in which he's talking so reflexively about his character coming back from the dead, complete with lines like how "we should live life to the fullest, because it could end at any moment".
  • He Really Can Act:
    • Brandon Lee, holy shit. Most of his movies prior to this play him as a skilled martial artist, yet with a laid back comedic personality. The Crow, on the other hand, shows him Playing Against Type as the deeply hurt and revenge-driven Eric Draven and not only is it successful, it is scary. The fact that he died in the making of this movie makes his performance more haunting.
    • Michael Wincott has spent most of his career in supporting roles, B-movies, and voice-over work. His superb turn as Big Bad Top Dollar shows just what he's capable of with a meaty role.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: It might be a little hard for modern audiences to appreciate how gritty, stylish and adult the film was upon its release, especially for a film based on a comic.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • The compositing of Brandon Lee's face over his double after his death is not that noticeable, unless you are paying attention. But you gotta cut them slack under the circumstances - no one had ever done the effect before.
    • Michael Wincott's hair extensions to give him those long, flowing locks are, well, pretty obvious more than a couple of scenes.
    • Eric's hand in the scene where Fun Boy shoots it is obviously a prosthetic when he holds it up to show the bullet hole. It's most obvious by the way it stays completely still when Eric is moving around slightly.
  • Squick:
    • When Eric grabs Darla's wrist and magically causes the morphine in her veins to leak out.
    • The eyeballs. Egads, the eyeballs.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The romanticized flashbacks of Eric and Shelly's love. But it works, oh so well.


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