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Heartwarming / The Crow

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"I love you." "Say it again. "I love you.""

  • "I hate cats."
  • The final scene of the film, where Eric joins Shelly in the afterlife. It might count as a Tear Jerker, too.
    Real love is forever.
  • "Believe me: nothing is trivial."
  • In the comic, when Eric gives Shelly's ring to Sherri on a chain, so she can wear it as a necklace.
  • "I like them over-easy…Mom."
    • How it lead to that point too: After given a subtle "The Reason You Suck" Speech by Eric to her and telling her she should focus on being a mom instead of a drug addict, Darla tries to be a good mom in the morning with Sarah, even making her breakfast nonetheless! Of course, Sarah doesn't really see that since she still sees her mother as someone who wasn't there for her. But when she realizes the effort Darla was trying to put in and is about to throw away the cooked breakfast, Sarah stops her and drops that above mentioned line. Hot damn the heartwarming burned there.
  • "You stayed with her the whole time...!"
  • "Sarah... I do care."
  • The scene where Eric, after a long battle with Top Dollar's men, is exhausted and leaning on a street post. He sees kids running around for Halloween. The look on his face before they are shown gives the impression that Eric had come to the realization that his revenge rampage was worth it, as he pretty much made Detroit a safe place and not the fiery, "Devil's Night" hell hole that he died in. He even expresses a laugh that is not creepy, and he smiles in genuine happiness for the first time since he came back from the dead.
    • For extra warm and fuzzy, the camera actually freezes on that moment. RIP, Brandon Lee.
    Eric: I'm coming home, Shelly.
  • While a Tear Jerker, it fits here: "For Brandon and Eliza".
  • Right after the revived Eric saves Sarah from being run over by a car, she takes a look at him but can't recognize him for the makeup he's sporting. He, meanwhile, is having memories of Sarah visiting him and Shelly at their apartment in happier times...and then when Sarah complains about the rain that's coming down at that moment, Eric drops a familiar line from one of his songs that Sarah used to listen to.
    Eric: It can't rain all the time.
  • Despite what a Crapsack World the film presents of Detroit, almost everyone in town looks after Sarah. Albrecht buys her food, Mickey (the hot dog guy) seems fond of her, the bartender gives her free soda (and expresses remorse that he can't do anything about her mom's drug habit or scumbag boyfriend while she's "off the clock"), and - once again crossing over with Tear Jerker - Eric and Shelly were Sarah's good friends when they were alive, too.