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YMMV / The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird

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  • Awesome Music: "Great Fighbird" lays out the metaphorical red carpet for the "stongest combination". It's more than a suitably triumpant fanfare.
  • Complete Monster: Dr. Jango is a rival to Professor Hiroshi Amano and has an unhealthy obsession towards evil and the ambition to rule over other humans and make them suffer to prove his superiority. Not content with just stealing Amano's works, modifying them for evil purposes, and using them for destructive pettiness, he willingly partnered with Draias and enabled all of Draias's evil acts with glee, having Draias enable his evil acts, trampling fellow humans, and delighting in their suffering; he would even try to usurp Draias if the opportunity presented itself. Absolutely shameless and lacking excuses about his atrocities against his own kind and only selfishly concerned of having him stand on the top of everyone else, Dr. Jango is a prime example of a thoroughly despicable human being in the entire franchise.
  • Evil Is Cool: He may be fearsome and cruel, but Draias earns plenty of fans with his great design, sheer power and effectiveness as a villain.
  • Memetic Mutation: Is this a pigeon? explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dr. Jango's plan in episode 9, which involves directly threatening to melt cities with Professor Amano's GP liquid if he isn't awarded the Nobel Prize in all fields. He made good on his threat, too.
  • Never Live It Down: Because of Memetic Mutation, people seemed to think that Katori was more or less a symbol of idiots that can't tell the correct name of a creature (or even anything), when he's more of a Space Police in disguise and a Brave Series pilot/robot.
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  • Most Wonderful Sound/Sweet Dreams Fuel: Any time Katori plays the ocarina.
  • Stock Footage Failure: Katori's transformation/fusion into his Fighbird form doesn't blend in too well in the earlier episodes. Case in point; episode 2, which still shows the transformation. When Katori is on a cruise liner. In the middle of the ocean.
  • Watch It for the Meme: Many people watched the anime due to the above-mentioned meme.