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YMMV / Tenrou Sirius The Jaeger

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  • Angst? What Angst?: Despite Phillip supposedly being angry towards Yuliy after the latter's clan murdered his parents, in Episode 6 he forgives Yuliy and says that it wasn't the latter's fault that his parents were murdered.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Yuliy's fight with Klarwein could be considered as this, as he is easily defeated by being tossed over the cliff when his experiment goes out of control.
  • Awesome Music: Both the opening and the ending of the anime qualifies as this. As the former was sang by the same band who sang Gate and Strike the Blood theme songs and also has a bombastic energy surrounding it. While the latter could calm your soul down due to it's peaceful and tranquil arrangements.
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  • Complete Monster: Yevgraf, a vampire prince, at first searched for the Ark of Sirius to cure his vampiric brethren by seeking help from a professor to find the location that contains said Ark. After finding the location of the Ark in a peaceful village, Yevgraf orders his vampires to decimate the village and slaughter all of its villagers, resulting in one of the children in the village, Yuliy, becoming mentally scarred to the point of becoming a Vampire Hunter to avenge his dying clan. Yevgraf also turned Yuliy's brother, Mikhail, into a vampire to serve him and shows no hesitation to kill him with Mind Rape if he rebels. After Yuliy gained the Ark of Sirius in Sakhalin Island, Yevgraf stole it from him and killed one of Yuliy's allies in the process. Yevgraf then fuses with the Ark of Sirius, and reveals that he doesn't care anymore about his fellow sick brethren and simply wishes to replace the world with vampires just like himself while ruling it with an iron fist.
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  • Evil Is Cool: Despite his allegiance with the Vampires and being a ruthless killer, Mikhail is pretty powerful in battle, has a cool appearance and design overall (see Evil Is Sexy below) and he cares about Yuliy even after becoming a Vampire.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Mikhail sports a long, unkempt undercut, wears a ragged black trenchcoat, tight black pants, black Fingerless Gloves, oversized black boots, and a ripped-up shirt that exposes his midriff that make him look cool. However, he joins the side of the Vampires and is a ruthless killer overall, with orders to kill any Jaegers that he comes across.
    • The outfit that Agatha wore in Episode 2 that exposes her entire abdomen and underboobs. She is a Vampire who enjoys slaughtering humans and the fight against the team Jaeger.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain:
    • Some of the vampires, such as Yevgraf, Agatha and Mikhail, qualify as this considering their fashion choices. Yevgraf wears eccentric fashions such as a Classy Cravat and a long top hat and he also sports dark hair, a deathly-pale complexion, Creepy Shadowed Undereyes and dresses in black. He is also the person who ordered the execution of Yuliy's clan. Agatha wears an outfit that exposes her entire abdomen and underboobs and she is an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight who enjoys fighting against the Jaegers. Mikhail is a ruthless killer who sports a long, unkempt undercut, wears a ragged black trenchcoat, tight black pants, black fingerless gloves, oversized black boots, and a ripped-up shirt that exposes his midriff.
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    • Hyakko Party members wear some strange white robes and eccentric mask to conceal their faces, with the exception of their leader. However, they are an independent terrorist organization that doesn't mind to attack innocent people in order to achieve their goals.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This is not the first time Takehito Koyasu has voiced a blond, hammy and evil vampire boss.
  • Narm: In the final episode when Yuliy tries to battle against the Big Bad, Yevgraf, when the latter fuses himself with the Ark of Sirius. After fusing with said Ark, Yevgraf then turns into a monster that wears shiny and dazzling pants. It comes across as being more a bit rather silly than intimidating.
  • The Woobie:
    • It's hard to not to sympathize with Yuliy, considering that he has an awful past where his clan got entirely decimated by the Vampires. After he kills Dr. Hanada and sees his brother turning himself into a Vampire, it impacts his decision whether killing all the Vampires was a good idea to begin with.
    • The daughter of Dr. Hanada, Saki, is this, as she suffered from Parental Neglect because her father ignored her for his own research. However, she had a bit of a glimmer of hope, because when her father finished his research, he made a promise that he would hang around with her. But sadly this didn't happen, as her father was turned into a Vampire and got killed by Yuliy.

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