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Tear Jerker / Tenrou Sirius The Jaeger

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  • Tear Jerker:
    • Dr. Hanada's death in Episode 2. It causes his daughter being scarred for life and also impacts Yuliy's worry over whether killing all of the Vampires was a good idea.
    • Yuliy's past in Episode 3: Basically, his clan and his village got decimated by the Vampires including his mother's death, and one of the mementos that he kept from his mother was torn apart by the Vampires.
    • The hurtful revelation that Willard helped the vampires to discover Yuliy's hometown and the latter ended up destroying it in Episode 7 is pretty soul-crushing in general, as Willard raised Yuliy and looked out for him as if he were the child he never had. Willard also regrets the things that he had done in the past and as a result, he tries to let Yuliy kill him. However, the latter doesn't want to do it and pulls the blow against him.

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