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  • Complete Monster:
    • Ormon is a monkey demon obsessed with moving his way up in the ranks of Hell, and seeks to accomplish this by stealing a human's soul. Targeting Simon, a boy with multiple sclerosis, Ormon grants him the incredible powers of his favorite superhero, Superior, then snatches them away from him after one week, knowing that he will despair over his weak body. Promising to return the powers to Simon if he will sell his soul to him, Ormon grants the psychopathic bully Sharpie superpowers and leads him on a rampage through a highly-populated city, leading to the slaughter of hundreds of innocents. When Simon exchanges his soul for his powers, Ormon uses said soul to power himself up, at which point he first plans to set off a nuclear reaction to wipe out millions of people, then march on the Earth along with Sharpie and turn the world into a graveyard. During his duel with Simon, Ormon deliberately incinerates dozens of innocents during their fight just to torment the boy. Even when beaten, Ormon happily taunts Simon about how he sold his soul to him. Though first wanting to avoid the lower realms of Hell, Ormon slowly devolved into an genocidal lunatic who sought the complete destruction of all human life for his own amusement.
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    • The aforementioned Sharpie was once a particularly vicious bully who brutalized younger children and taunted Simon about his condition. However, once granted the powers of Abraxas, the fictional superhero Superior's archnemesis, Sharpie becomes a truly depraved monster. First using his powers to brutally torture and murder his own parents, Sharpie next flings a yacht into a skyscraper, killing hundreds of people, then begins wantonly massacring innocents by the dozen while cackling like a madman in order to draw Simon out on Ormon's behest. When Simon shows up with his powers returned, Sharpie sadistically beats him while threatening to hunt down and kill the boy's mother. Along with Ormon, Sharpie plans to personally murder every human being on the planet, and happily tries to murder numerous people, including a baby, to act as a distraction while Ormon sets off a nuclear explosion to kill the surrounding millions of innocents. A psychopath who committed his crimes for absolutely no reason other than to indulge his own sadistic lusts, Sharpie greatly contrasted Ormon's manipulative, cunning personality with his own childish and petty one.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: If the premise of a kid becoming a superhero complete with an adult body isn't enough, the plot of said kid testing out his powers with his best friend resulting in Hilarity Ensues is pretty much the basis of SHAZAM! (2019). Some have even gone as far as calling the movie a straight up Spiritual Adaptation.


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