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YMMV / Ragnarok II: Legend of the Second

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  • Broken Base: Even the most loyal players of Ragnarok have honestly had it with the constant bugs and exploits being in every single patch. While bugs are an unfortunate fact of life in MMORPG's (and video games in general) and always have been, the fact that there are bugs that have existed since the game first launched and have not once been addressed, as well as the fact that new content is constantly being released almost every week with an obvious lack of polish, has lead players to believe that there is little to no testing being done before the patches go live. It has lead to several players petitioning Gravity for a public test server. You know things are bad if players have to plead with a developer to let them volunteer their time and energy to test patches before they go live.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Eremes Guile. Yes, that Eremes Guile. He's back.
    • The Queen of Destruction (mentioned below in Evil Is Sexy), despite (formerly) being a candidate for That One Boss, was popular enough just in sheer character design to not only have a summonable pet of her (not to be confused with the Monster DNA system; she's a vanity pet), but to actually prompt the devs to create a costume based on her outfit, along with a costume based on the Dimension Immortal for male characters.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Lapparman, Moonlight Flower, the Queen of Destruction, Sehee and Sohee... jeez, where do we even begin? Many of these bosses are farmed for their DNA not because of their usefulness as summons, but just to have them because of this trope.
  • Game-Breaker: Embus of Ruin. In theory, it's just a pet that freezes things. In practice, however, it's capable of locking even bosses into place unable to do anything and can make even Ratmaster Kremp killable by nothing but pure spam. As of late, the power of Embus has been coming to an end, with a recent update blocking pets altogether in PVP, and one incoming that will make bosses immune to various locking effects, precisely the sort of thing Embus of Ruin relies on to break bosses.
    • It has been patched as of November 2013.
  • Goddamned Boss: Anubis, out of the lot in Osiris' Tomb (along with Set, Gregorshema, and Osiris himself, who are not examples). The only reason for this is that he doesn't have an element like the others, meaning there's nothing to exploit for double damage which amounts to making the fight take twice as long as any of the other bosses. He also summons several tornadoes, but since they can't knock you down they're nothing more than an annoyance.
  • Good Bad Bug: Not long after the Embus Game-Breaker was patched, one of these was discovered for Ratmaster Kremp involving resetting the fight before he wakes up (without also resetting his HP), while circumventing his damage reduction with the Crecentia's 'Raw Tilt' ability. Of course, now another game-breaking bug has even the Goddamn Bats in raids having the same HP as bosses, making most raids basically unplayable.
    • Using a stunning move, or a monster summon that stuns, on either Queen of Destruction or Dimmension Immortal as the opening attack, will prevent them from applying their Invulnerable buff to themselves, negating the need for the MacGuffin needed to remove it. The reason for this is, despite them being bosses, they are, strangely enough, not immune to crowd control effects.
    • The bosses in Osiris' Tomb have an Enrage effect that comes up when the fight drags on too long that increases their speed by 300% and attack power by 600%. The bug comes into play with the fact that half of that doesn't work, as even when it triggers there's seemingly no change to the boss' attack power, allowing you to take as long as you need to to get rid of them. Very helpful when fighting Gregorshema at a low level for the quest that involves taking him out.
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  • Scrappy Mechanic: While the Master Levels received an overwhelmingly positive response when they were first revealed, after they were actually implemented, players realized just what a sheer grind fest they were when they went live. To put things into perspective, it takes tens of thousands of Master Points to get another skillpoint. Monsters in Dayr Desert, the mobs that are worth the most master points, are worth about one MP each. One. And it gets worse: If you die, you lose ten percent of your total master points instantly. You can lose thouands of those points you just spent hours, if not days, grinding. A lot of players swore off raiding entirely just because they are that terrified of dying and having all of their grinding be in vain just like that. (This entry is somewhat outdated.)
  • That One Boss:
    • Pre-Advent of Valkyrie, it was Ratmaster Kremp, a parody of Master Splinter. Sporting a mountain of around two million HP, his durability is just the tip of the iceberg. His combat routine involves calling his best pupils, Leo, Miki, Donna, and Raffi into the fray, along with vicious area of effect attacks prone to wrecking people. The Hard version in fact is notorious for his difficulty, being regarded as borderline impossible to take down in a straight fight.
    • An earlier example, and not quite as infamous, is Fury Jeiwatch in the Hard version of the Fortress of Sandstorm (Already That One Level on its own). The main thing about him is his Scalp of Death technique, which leads to him very easily pulling out about 8,000 damage in one hit. At the point in the game where you're likely to DO the Hard version of the Fortress of Sandstorm, even the Tank is probably going to fall at that kind of damage. The intended strategy seems to be changing Fury Jeiwatch's target when he uses Scalp of Death, but in practice it usually boils down to just trying to kill him before he kills everyone on your team first.
  • That One Level: In order to get to master level, you need to be level 50 in both job and class level and it is required to do a quest. The master level quest is infamous for being ridiculously hard and without the proper raid gear, buffs, or even the Soulmaker's Cure spell, chances are that you will ripped into shreds by 6 ridiculously powerful foes within seconds. And what makes it more annoying is that if you fail the master level quest, you'll be forced to start all over again.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: A weird example. Because raids are not only bugged all to hell, but because Master Level gear is better in every way than raid gear (not to mention being MUCH easier to get), raids are completely abandoned with absolutely no incentive to do them anymore (with a rare exception of getting the raid gear to do the master level quest, which is infamous known to be very hard).
  • Woobie Species: Noels. If their backstory as a species isn't enough, the Rite of Passage involved in their Coming of Age ceremony makes the player character want to find a way to abolish the practice altogether. It even drove Roshia to Go Mad from the Revelation.

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