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Characters / Ragnarok II: Legend of the Second

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The Characters page for Ragnarok II: Legend of the Second, and Needs Wiki Magic Love.

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Tier 1 classes

Melee Tank-based class designed for head-on fights. Can turn into Warrior, offensive-tank class or Knight for even more damage sponge capability.
Ranged physical damage dealer. Can turns into Ranger and Beastmaster.

A lightly armored class focused on dealing huge burst of damage unseen.

  • Glass Cannon: Thief players stacks AGI for critical hit chance making them one of the most potent damage-dealers. However they lack sustaining potential that tank classes have.
  • Knife Nut
  • Invisibility: One of their skill Hidden grants you this and providing one-time attack damage bonus to your next hit.
  • Poisoned Weapons
Support class focusing on healing and buffing teammates.

Ranged magical damage dealer. Can advance into Wizard, fire-based ranged hurt machine or more supportive Sorcerer.

A Noel only class whose main schnick is cursing their enemies. Can advance into Crescentia, a melee/ranged hybrid DPS class and Soulmaker, trading ability to use Alter skills for various support abilities.


Tier 2 classes

A melee class with balanced attack and defense, often put into offensive-tank role.

Tank-class designed to take hits for your teammates.



  • Blade on a Stick: Uses spears and halberds, but it's rare to see them actually use it.





Profession classes

Profession class focused on making various instant-usage potions.
Creators of light armors and accessories.
Heavy armor and blade weapon maker.
  • The Blacksmith: Once a class on its own in the original Ragnarok Online is now a profession.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: every profession has some level this. The Blacksmith being the most egregious example pulling out an anvil, hammer and sword.
A person to go to for long duration status-buffing food.

Non-Player Character

[[folder:Elemento School]]
    Bonjour Village 

Saintess Aionne

The Saintess of the Odin Orthodoxy. Beloved by the people of Pronterra, and just about anyone else who isn't a Freyjan.

Zeras Hyperion

The Knight-Commander of the Pronterra Knightage, and the one who rescued the children with Ymir's Heart from the Freyjanity.

Eremes Guile

Returning from Ragnarok Online. A mysterious man, and the current leader of the Darkness Shadow, the Kingdom of Pronterra's secret police and intelligence service.

    South Plains 


Rat Master Kremp

Queen of Destruction



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