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  • Awesome Moments:
    • In "D&D Story: “Whoops! Guess EVERYONE has to die now”" Ben missed critical information on the module he was running, turning a stealth mission into an all-out battle between the players and an entire temple of incredibly dangerous enemies. Despite the chaos, the party splitting up, and this being the first gaming session for one player, the party not only survived but won.
    • In a meta moment for the channel, after posting "Pathfinder 2E Story: The Infamous TPK Module" the official Paizo, Inc. YouTube account commented on the video to thank him for being a play tester and offered to send over a new source book.
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    • Another meta moment in "Secrets of the Skeleton Town". Ben's channel is mostly meant for comedy, but that video shows that he is perfectly capable of doing horror. Not only that, but he shows that he understands Lovecraftian horror very well.
    • The Shenani-Guys finally get strong enough to take down the coven of hags they originally couldn't defeat.
    • The opening battle of the Curse of Strahd replay episode 9:
      • Strahd forcing Garo into a sadistic choice, which Garo decides to forego by battling Strahd's armies directly.
      • Garo making full use of the Amulet, Turning several vampires and casting several other spells from it to the point that Strahd identifies him as the greatest threat on the battlefield. And this is without Garo exploiting the Amulet's ability to release sunlight.
      • Krusk battling Rahadin mano y mano.
      • Mordenkainen demonstrating his mastery of the arcane by completely dispelling Strahd's fireball by turning it into butterflies.
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    • At the end of the "Curse of Strahd" playthrough the Shenani-Guys are able to permanently kill Strahd von Zarovich while also saving Irena.
  • Broken Base: While nobody can deny that his videos are humorous, some people have questioned whenever or not Ben is a good or fair DM at times, as noted under Never My Fault on the main page. Ben himself even lampshades this in a few of his videos.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: The party's treatment of Wallace of Parnast is objectively reprehensible, but it's so over-the-top it lands here, especially in the first video where the Tiefling calmly asks for the copper penny he'd given Wallace earlier back after letting the boy get beaten up by a treant for an hour.
    Ben: And so with his limp, broken arm, little Wallace reaches into his bag, pulls out a small copper penny, and gives it back.
    • Later, the half-orc is the only one willing to revive Wallace after he falls unconscious - and only does so as a Cruel Mercy, as he wants to make damn sure that Wallace is fully aware of how utterly useless he is. And on the ride back into town, they opt to just drag Wallace behind the wagon rather than give him a seat.
      • The second video reveals that the entire party is Lawful Good, making the contrast even more stark.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop:
    • From the Vidcon vide, he ends the video being told that next year, he might be a fire hazard!note 
    • At the end of "D&D Story: Captain Morgan || Cocaine solves all problems", after multiple problems are solved via liberal application of cocaine, Ben declares the lesson is "Do drugs. They make your problems go away!"
  • Fridge Horror: Trixie Starbright wanted to use Mewtwo's powers to become the most popular girl in school. We're not told how this would work, but given that Mewtwo is a psychich pokemon, we can make some guesses...
  • He Really Can Act: "Secrets of the Skeleton Town", as noted under Moment of Awesome bellow, demonstrates that Ben is prefectly capable of putting aside his usual comedic tone to do Lovecraftian Horror instead.
    • In the Curse of Strahd story he gets to flex his horror muscles... As well as some tragedy.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • I don't want your sass, Jimmy!
    • ಠ_ಠexplanation 
    • Abserd as the name of characters with a class in every level.
    • "I waarned you!"explanation 
  • Nightmare Fuel: Unsurprisingly, "Secrets of the Skeleton Town" since it comes from Call Of Cthulhu. Especially the man-eating bugs.
  • Tear Jerker: The Curse of Strahd story part 5. Barovia is really getting to Garo, with him becoming nitably more ruthless. And because the Hags have managed to turn the young girl Gertrude into a hag without her knowing, the party has to kill her. And Garo has to talk to her and keep her distracted while Ezmerelda casts her spell. Kind, pious Garo has to sit down in front of a young frightened child, and reassure her, knowing full well that he has to kill her in just a minute.
    • The story's final ending isn't much better: The seemingly benevolent ruler the party chose to replace Strahd turned out to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who accepted the same pact of blood as Strahd, killing her brother to seal it, and ruling Barovia with her dark magic. Garo, forced to remain due to his pact with the Fanes, eventually became the Abbot to her Strahd: a broken man placating the dark lord, lest she punish the people. Ultimately, Garo decides that the letter from Kolyan was right. Barovia should be left to its sorrow, until everyone therein is departed for a better life.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: As far as we're told, a lot of characters in from the Covenant and Malikar campaigns never reappear, despite being immortal and inhabiting the same world as the Otterton campaign. Of note is the Fighter who could easily become a King in the Mountain-type, and Shiro, who would be an excellent Big Bad due to his Take Over the World tendencies and immortality.

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