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Ben is recounting RPG stories. Sure, most of them come from Dungeons and Dragons, but there are also stories from Pathfinder, Traveller, Deadlands, and Call of Cthulhu. As such, expect things to go off the rails incredibly quickly.

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    RPG Tales 

  • The Malikar Campaign:
    • In "D&D Stories: funny moments from my campaign", two of the players had tried to hide in the kitchen, but kept getting jumped by guards, and had to kill them, and hide their corpses in a closet. Eventually, they ran out of space, and had to get... Creative. They cut up the guards, and put them wherever. They escaped later, and the two other players that hadn't been there tried to hide in the kitchen.
      Player: Oh my god... These cultists were EATING THEIR OWN PEOPLE!
    • Every time the Tortle wizard shows up in the Malikar campaign, the players insist on calling him Oogway, much to his increasing frustration, to the point that when they desperately needed his help, he refuses to render aid.
    • The defective Sword of Warning that shows up in "My players LOSE the final fight", which vaguely warns the players about anything bad about to happen, even if it's something as trivial as stubbing their toe.
      Sword of Warning: I warned you!
    • The name of the party was the Turtle... "Friends"
    • The Unwanted Assistance from Barrathorn, Glaive of Champions and its attitude towards stealth.
    • Pretty much everything about "Captain Morgan || Cocaine solves all problems". The party ends up sailing with a captain so coked out of his brain he knows no fear and can solve any problem by applying cocaine.
      Captain Morgan: Always trust in the cocaine!
      • Cokebeard, captain of the Cocaine Pirates. He and Captain Morgan get into an epic duel but are so high they don't even realize they're standing on separate ships and nowhere near each other.
      • Jess takes a baggy of cocaine and casts Sacred Weapon on it to create a sword that makes anyone it cuts high.
        Jess's God: [disgusted sigh] I don't know what's going on down there, but you better have a good explanation for why you need this later.
  • Any Call-Back to Whimsy the friendly aboleth from "Terror Of The Deep", such as the one in the stone from the end of "The Xanathar Guild".
  • "Too Many Pets". A party member waits until night and infiltrates a fortress guarded by dogs in an attempt to be a dog whisperer. She finds out that the dogs turn into hellhounds at night, not that it stops her from attempting to tame a hellhound...and succeeding.
  • "An Abserd-ly Difficult Mission". Lennithon, a fully-grown adult blue dragon that serves the role of the cult's muscle shows up...but after tanking several sword attacks, gets hit by a single arrow and flies off in frustration. And, of course, the return of Abserd, who somehow became mayor of the town.
  • "My Failed Game Attempt", the story of Ben trying to run Traveller and having the game's method of handling character origins go horribly wrong for all but one of the players.
  • D&D youtube channel Taking20 uploaded a video on the "Dumbest D&D 5e Character of All Time", which amounted to a character that multiclassed into every class at a low level. Since Ben published his version of this idea seven months beforehand, almost every comment on Taking20's video mentions Abserd in some way.
  • In "The WORST Detective In The World!", the GM for a Dresden Files campaign tells Ben that he'll sign off on whatever idea Ben comes up with without checking the build first.
    GM: What... was that?
    Ben: What was what?
    GM: I thought I heard ominous music playing, followed by a slow zoom-in and color change.
  • In the Star Wars video, Ben played as a smuggler. Except that he never actually did anything illegal beyond doing drugs, to the point where it became a running gag in his party that, if the Empire caught them, they'd arrest everyone except him, because he had a clean record.
    • Ben' character in that video had an addiction to deathsticks, which the GM didn't like. To solve the "problem", he sent the players to a planet inhabited by a Sith and had the players, including Ben, knocked unconscious with the Force. When Ben woke up, his addiction was gone, along with any deathsticks on his person or his ship. Meaning that the Sith cured him of his addiction, robbed him, snuck aboard his ship, and took all his deathsticks.
  • Any time disaster strikes as a result of Ben misreading something:
  • When statting out Sauron, whom Ben realized he actually knew little about, he gave him ranks in Deceive, Craft, Notice (perception), and basically made him an evil blacksmith. Which pretty much describes Sauron's character perfectly.
  • 12 Cartoon D&D sketches:
    • Someone asks Ben if he plays chess. He proceeds to use the chess pieces as dolls for a game of make-believe.
      Guy: Hmmm... This guy's good.
      • Turned into a Brick Joke later, when Lenny moves his pawn to the knight's teaparty, making it awkward for the king who has to stay the night over at his castle, while his bishops are caught up smelling flowers.
    • After springing a trap, Ben decides to test if it's "Magical healing fire". Turns out it is.
  • DM.exe has crashed: Michele, who's permanently invisible at this point, needs to sneak into a school. He uses a massive, foldable boat to knock them out and break through a wall. You can hear Ben struggling to keep himself from laughing.
  • In "The W.O.R.S.T. Solution!" the party manages to start a fire in town. It proceeds to jump to increasingly poignant buildings like the puppy shelter and orphanage (with EXTRA orphans!) before hitting the fire department. And rather than dealing with the fire, Cordelia starts chewing out the party for burning children again. Then admits that the "No burning children" policy might have been too high a bar and they could aim lower, for less burning children.
  • The Halloween one shot (a followup to the Christmas one shot last year):
    • "So you guys spend the better part of the night aggressively converting children."
    • Puffin remains completely unconvinced that the zombie is a zombie and not just some guy in a really good costume.
    Puffin: Yeah, sure, we have to get rid of it.
  • During VidCon, Ben lost a game and had to go talk to a stranger as a result. He noticed someone shuffling sleeved cards into a box. Assuming it was Magic: The Gathering, he tried to use it as a talking point. It wasn't. It was Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • When Asiago tried the oldest trick in the book on Melkyzzyak the kraken (turning it into something harmless, a cat), Ben laughs it of at first... And then he has an Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes krakens in 5th edition D&D have neither magic resistance, immutable shape nor legendary resistance, meaning that it's basically defenseless against something like that.
  • Ben ordering sandwiches, one of which is light and vegetable, and the other cheesy and meaty with a tub of dipping lard on the side. When Ben tries to claim he is having the first one, the employee simply tells him that he doesn't care nearly as much as he thinks he does.
  • While hyping up the Omega Pun, Ben is talking about how they need a mortal vessel quick-witted and hilarious enough to carry it in their mind. As he's explaining this, the camera zooms out to show his pun-happy player looking absolutely ecstatic... and Ben says "not you" as an aside in the middle of his speech.
  • It's a bit sad to watch Ben try to come up with something good to say about D&D 4th Edition, but it's absolutely hillarious that the only non-backhanded compliment he came up with was that the books have nice formatting.
  • Early in "Worst Games I've Run" Ben notes that his longtime viewers are probably going to be surprised to learn his videos were about his games that went well.

    Curse Of Strahd Replay 

  • Garo is forced into being the party's face despite his low Charisma and does not acquit himself well. Boshack entirely approves of his habit of blundering into fights since he likes killing.
    • On a meta level, Ben reveals he was less than thrilled to see all the comments from viewers saying he should have sacrified Garo's "silver tongue" to the hags as he obviously wasn't getting any use out of it. The DM admits he wanted the same thing just to see how bad things would go.
  • Krusk is constantly being drained at night by the hags the party encounter, losing Constitution and thus health. When they finally defeat the hags he finds his lost health stored in a "fleshy sack". When he asks how to get it back, he's told he needs to suck on his fleshy sack.
  • After seeing Garo and Gouda get new gifts from their patrons, Boshack prays to his goddess in hopes of getting something new himself. His relationship with Dendar, the eldritch serpent who devours nightmares in hopes of ending the world, is that of a single mother tending to millions of needy children/warlocks. He begs like a petulant child and she eventually relents since he's been very evil recently.
    • With everyone else in the party now have a special gift, the GM asks if Krusk's player wants to try praying to a dark power for something. He declines at which point Garo and Boshack start applying peer pressure like they're peddling drugs. They also discuss killing Krusk so he'll get powered up by a spirit saving him, but eventually decide that they needn't bother; Barovia will kill him sooner or later.
  • In Episode 5, Ben comments that Gouda is the same player as Asiago, and describes them as a Pyromaniac Wildfire Druid, after their Wild Magic burst nearly blows him up in a similar manner.
  • Reading Strahd's tome in Episode 6, when he becomes emotional and dramatic the vampire's accent starts to sound like Tommy Wiseau, entirely appropriate for a man obsessed with a woman who doesn't return the feelings.
  • Krusk ends up doing a Call-Back to one of the fan favorites:
    I waarned you!
  • When the Shenani-guys arrives in Krezk, they meet an old man who Gouda assumes is the rumoured spellcaster they're looking for. He's actually just an old guy, but Gouda assumes all old people are wizards.
    Gouda: What kind of gifts have you gotten from your old age?
    Old man: Arthritis.
  • While Episode 7 is mainly yet another failed Hope Spot, much of the Priest trying to explain his plan with the Golem is rather amusing. Especially that Strahd himself actually commissioned the darn thing.
  • Episode 8 starts with Garo dreaming about beating up Strahd alone. Someone animated it.
    Garo: Strahd von Zarovich? More like Strahd von little bitch!
  • Episode 9 opens with Ben putting on a Mr. Rogers impression to say everything is fine in Barovia and Strahd is a great host who definitely did not slaughter an entire church. Meanwhile the toy train is on fire and the door outside has been boarded shut with monsters reaching through holes as Ben sit and stares with a haunted smile.
  • The party is given a Sadistic Choice by Stahd on who to take with them and who to leave in his clutches. The rest of the party leaves it all up to Ben who, true to character, completely misinterprets Strahd's promise to not kill the rest. The DM enjoys making this worse for Ben, like describing an adorable werewolf cub being menaced by a thrall.
  • Meanwhile, during the tense situation, Gouda goes up to Strahd...and asks the name of his horse, because she still doesn't know it and fells bad about calling the Nightmare a nickname in her head. He ends up having to spell Beuceaphalus out for her. It is possibly the only non-Black Comedy moment Strahd has had thus far.
  • In Episode 10 the party reaches the Amber Temple and for some reason decide to split up. Krusk and Boshack are teamed together and fighting an arcanolith only for Krusk to decide that, since he's out of spell slots, he'll just... leave and keep exploring.
    Garo: Oh no, that's fine. While we're fighting you have a little powwow heart to heart talk with your spirit daddy.
    Boshack: Boshack's not warm-blooded, but even for him that was pretty cold.
  • Garo's patron warns him that there is a monster in its tomb and he resolves to fight it alone, nobly declining help. Shortly after entering the tomb, he runs back out crying and hides behind the rest of the party while they deal with the monster.
  • The party is about to depart the temple when Boshack tells them to wait and goes back in. He then returns with a "snack" for the road - Rahadin's face and leg.
    • Rahadin returns in a later episode, apparently still missing his leg and face.
      Boshack: I'm coming for your other leg!
  • In Part 12 Garo's idea of sneaking: He slowly crawls through a village while wearing a bush, humming the Mission Impossible theme.
  • Entering Berez, Garo asks their guide if there's anything dark or creepy about the town, to which she assures them there isn't. When the illusion is inevitably dispelled and the guide joins a coven of witches attacking the party, she points out it's not dark or creepy to her, it's just normal.
  • While discussing Ezmerelda's vampirism, Garo tries to explain to Gouda how the thirst for blood is uncontrollable and will lead to her turning evil and murdering people to eat them. She points to Boshack who is currently feasting on their enemies and Garo tries to say it's not the same... but has to admit Boshack eats people alive or dead and is evil, but at least exercises portion control. At which point Boshack starts choking while trying to simultaneously eat two organs and a femur.
  • Boshack is ecstatic at the thought of replacing Strahd as the Dark Lord of Barovia only to be furious when he learns he was passed over, shouting the whole thing is rigged.
    • They think for a moment that Garo is the candidate, but it turns out to be Gouda. Both Garo and Boshack are horrified and compare it to being passed over for a promotion even though you're more qualified for the role.
  • Boshack is banished back to the ruins of his home village where he encounters the dragon that killed his people and ate his arm. Boshack begins a rant about how he will destroy the dragon, only for it to casually step on him and force him under the marshy water. When Boshack is returned to Barovia, he insists he had the dragon right where he wanted it.
  • During the post-campaign player conversation, Boshack's player reveals that the biggest regret of both himself and his character was that he never got the chance to eat Gouda's corpse.
  • Ben asks the other players what they thought about the campaign's ending. There's a long, painful silence until Boshack's player pipes up that he loved it since everything worked out great for Boshack.
  • The players describe a hypothetical epilogue situation where Gouda became the new Dark Lord and proceeded to spam her Wild Magic in order to summon all the unicorns in existence to Barovia causing them to effectively go extinct in the rest of the multiverse. Gouda's player insists that Barovia wouldn't be a trap or prison, but a safe ranch.

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