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YMMV / League of Super Evil

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  • Adorkable: Dr. Frogg can qualify as this sometimes.
  • Designated Hero: Master Sweets and the suzie scouts.
  • Designated Villain: Kat Chatsworth. She's classified as a villain, but she doesn't have a costume, and all she does is bore people to sleep and doesn't seem to be doing it on purpose.
    • Voltar in the episode "Swimming With the Sharks". His actions are completely understandable. The pool belongs to him, and it's on his property, yet some neighbourhood kid just randomly shows up like he owns the place, takes over the pool, refuses to leave when asked nicely, and mooches food off of the L.O.S.E., mainly due to Red's kindness. Yet when Voltar finally gets fed up and tries to get the kid out by force, he ends up getting attacked by a genetically enhanced dolphin, and by the end of the episode, the pool is ruined when Red has an accident.
  • Foe Yay: When faced with a freeze ray, the General and Skullossus hold hands and grin awkwardly at each other before they're zapped.
    • Another episode reveals that Skullossus and Captain Glory Guy's relationship is positively screaming with this.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Cougar and Dr. Frogg are a frequent source of this.

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