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Doomageddon's teleportation takes a person to an Ironic Hell-like dimension where they see their personal fears.

It seems that when Dr. Frogg is stuck in Doomageddon's teleportation/stomach dimension, that it's a sunny rainbow paradise. But this isn't what the realm is. Rather, the realm appears as a person's worst fears. So when the veterinarian at the beginning was teleported to it, he saw a much more typical hellish landscape. It has been shown that Dr. Frogg hates goodness.

  • Jossed by the episode Doomhound in Love, which has the group travel to Doom World, and they all see the same Sugar Bowl.
    • Also, General Sargeant was there too, and he could see what Frogg was seeing and was enjoying it to the fullest "Let's all slide down that rainbow!!"

Voltar, Red and Frogg are reincarnations of Ed, Edd n Eddy

There's the Dumb Muscle (Ed/Red Menace), The Smart Guy (Edd/Dr. Frogg) and the pint-sized leader with a large ego (Eddy/Voltar).

Voltar is a rogue Irken.
Why not? The similarities to Zim are pretty obvious. Perhaps he was exiled by the Almighty Tallest because he refused to take part in their plans, believing that his own plans were much better. As a symbol of his betrayal, he also changed his costume to make him look more Obviously Evil.

Red Menace and Voltar are reincarnations of Pinky and the Brain.
Red Menace is as much a Cloud Cuckoo Lander as Pinky while Voltar, like the Brain, is a megalomaniac. But where would that leave Doktor Frogg and Doomageddon?

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