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YMMV / Lamentations of the Flame Princess

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  • Complete Monster:
    • The Pale Lady is a ruthless Fay who has children kidnapped to use as slave labor until death or she finds no use for them, with the boys turned into eunuchs to better serve. Many of the firstborn children taken by the Pale Lady are sacrificed so she may obtain her powers, her supply of rabbit-men soldiers propagated by her raping human men she finds appealing before using the offspring as disposable Cannon Fodder.
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    • Blood in the Chocolate: Lucia de Castillo enslaves a tribe of pygmies for their Cocoa tree with the belief she is a god so that she may create a delicious, addictive chocolate to control the trade across Europe. Allowing her pygmies to torture and sacrifice many people, Lucia uses others for her sick experiments, including children, who she infects with plagues and with her candy so that deadly and agonizing side effects can be observed. Others are kept as sex slaves during the experiments so that Lucia can use their bodies for her own pleasure.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: In July 2020, amidst all of the political upheaval of the Black Lives Matter movement, the author of the Blood in the Chocolate adventure disowned it, labeling it as loaded with political and racial insensitivity that the author just didn't knew was so awful at the time of writing and even going so far as swearing the adventure would never see a reprint once the rights came back to them in 2021. This is one of various events that called to attention a degree of racial tone-deafness in the tabletop roleplaying movement that affects even classics like Dungeons & Dragons' Ravenloft setting.
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  • Rated M for Money: The game's creator admits that style isn't the only reason he chooses shocking art and subjects. He also re-printed one of the most controversial books in RPG history, Carcosa.
  • Vanity Project: Much of the game's Nintendo Hard factor seems to come from a desire to punish players who don't take it as Serious Business and/or a life's work.

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