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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Considering the absurd amount of characters and point of views, this happens a lot.
    • Makuta Nui: A manipulative Jerk Ass with delusions of godhood or a Tragic Monster who only sows destruction whenever he tries to do good?
    • In the six years of Klaanon it hasn't gotten much clearer if what Avde is trying to do is really better for the whole world or not.
    • Zorak von Maxitrillian Arstein VIII. A dangerous although Well-Intentioned Extremist with true intentions to purge the world from the darkness of the Makuta, or an egoistical, abusive sociopath with an unhealthy relationship with Sheelika? It really doesn't help the reader to decide what to think about him when he announces his plan to kill Abzumo, the single most vile villain in the story.
      • Sheelika, too! She is given such a sympathetic backstory and understandable motivations that it's easy to forget that her main goal in life is Tawa's death.
    • Purifier and Killjoy, being arch-nemeses and rather controversial figures both, get subjected to this a lot. On the other hand, Purifier is a murderous monstrous mutant turned insane by the eleven souls trapped its body, but his opponent, Killjoy is a dangerous terrorist figure collecting firepower and a small private army from around the world. Both are given rather understandable reasons for stopping the other.
      • Considering Purifier, his lackey and part-time abuse target, the Toa only known as 'Captain'. Does he really care for his master's best, or has he been conditioned to love Purifier because of years of violence and fear?
  • Arc Fatigue: The "Night Horror"-arc. Originally meant to be a brief and self-contained plot point showcasing ZMA and the Avhrak Feterra. Then everyone got excited about the new metallic killers. The storyline got extended to three weeks and potrayed Feterras from "brutally effective" to "ridiculously overpowered". Needless to say, the results weren't very desireable.
    • Amazua's and his matoran pirates' trip to the jungle island (which could've used a better name) was written in short, two page long chapters released with relatively long time frames and not including much of anything to ad to characters or the story itself until the very end, with whole trip taking approximately a whole one year to finish.
  • Archive Panic: Being the end result of six years and at its most twenty different writers, Klaanon is absolutely the longest and biggest Finnish Bionicle fanfiction to exist in the internet.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Loads and loads. Quite few of them have later developed into breakout characters.
    • That matoran fisherman who got killed by coffee cup falling from the sky...
    • Turagas Bakmei and Niddi, the former for his unquestionable amounts of badass and the latter for his hilariously senile blabbering.
    • Keetongu, while technically a main character, has a lot less screen time than most of the others but is pretty much universally liked for being a Big Fun and a total badass.
    • Snowie and Kepe started out as this, but these days they have evolved into full-on main characters.
    • Lots of characters who aren't any writer's OC have shown tendencies to become these; best examples probably being three moderators Same, Bladis and Paaco, and few matorans like Dinem and Bob.
    • Victory Corporation...
    • Amazua; despise not having accomplished much during five years since his introduction into the story, the readers (yes, all one of them) seem to have named him as their(his) favourite character. He really has turned out to be Klaanon's Boba Fett.
    • Ice researcher 273 has managed to melt the heart of most readers with his sympathetic personality, moral and interesting perspective to the story and conflict itself.
  • Fan-Disliked Explanation: Nihilist was one of the earliest Puppets shown, but his appearance was always kept as a mystery. Few of the only hints of his true nature were few hints like sound of screeching joints whenever he moved. The Reveal finally showed us that he was, well, an old puppet with rusty springs and joints with jack-in-the-box as a torso. While it's execution was creepy as hell, some seemingly would have preferred his full appearance kept as a lasting mystery.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: There have actually been some surprising deaths in the story, but quite mostly this tends to kick in, at least regarding the characters important to plot.
  • Love to Hate: Most of story's big baddies, actually.
  • Magnificent Bastard: ZMA and Avde constantly compete over which one is the bigger magnificent bastard.
  • Memetic Badass: Both Turaga Bakmei and Niddi again.
  • Memetic Mutation: It didn't take a long time for the readers and participants to notice that in the earlier chapters Matoro's harpoon was used to save our heroes from pretty much every problem. The harpoon quickly rose into almost a Memetic Badass status.
    • PROSTHETIC LIMBS FOR EVERYONE! (Explanation: A preposterous amount of characters have lost limbs)
    • "Character X is the Employer!" With the story having gone on for four years already, pretty much everyone from Mata Nui to Adolf Hitler has been a viable Employer in Wild Mass Guessing.
    • Killjoy's missile fetish.
    • Mushrooms.
    • "Why is it always six?"
    • "Suddenly, X!"
    • Gaggulabio's liking of fancy purple suits.
      • Heck, just Gaggulabio in general.
    • Somehow, Notfun's old motto; "Let's not think about it too much" has reached quite memetic status within the writers' inner circle, and it's sometimes quoted when people are thinking giant amount of irrelevant or premature things when planning out the story.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Nazorak warrior First Lieutenant 955 crossed from a rather badass villain into this when he slaughtered a village full of innocent Matoran. Makuta Abzumo starts here.
  • Narm: During a rather dramatic first part of The Angel of fear, Umbra and Sheelika are recalling the time when the former brutally murdered Umbra's former moderator colleague Darkkis. Sheer rather humorous name of the said character was enough to eat some of the drama from the scene...
  • Narm Charm: Later in another part of aforementioned chapter, Tawa has very serious convertation with her materialized mirror image(...?) and utterly begins to heavily guestion latter's mere excistense. In result, other Tawa simply punches her into shoulder ranting about her statement. In that instanse the music of the chapter changes from oppressive into rather funky and hilarious tone. But let's face it, the chapter needed it.
    • One of the main antagonists is named after a tool used for chopping cake.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: While not hated, Make's character wasn't exactly popular either. Cue his transformation to an berserking half-monster, and the character got instantly far more popular.
  • The Un-Twist: Nimda is a Kanohi mask. What is this, BIONICLE fanfiction?
    • Some readers could've very well figured out the Arupak = Kapura twist before it happened.

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