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  • First and foremost, Ämkoo and Snowie fleeing from Nazorak jeeps through the jungle on a tapir. With music by Two Steps from Hell.
  • The Battle of the Archangel. Seeing Matoro absolutely kicking the shit out of Makuta Abzumo in a battle of the Nimdas is immensely satisfying after two entire years of the latter torturing and killing his way through the entire story. It ends with Matoro sticking his blade through Abzumo's torso and letting him drown in his airship. Of course, this doesn't kill him, but has at least slowed the bastard down.
    • On a similar vein, Black Hand I has Umbra use a shard of Nimda in the battle against Svarle, summoning his two other selves with the shards unlimited potential to help him in combat.
  • Killjoy's and Purifier's duels in Xia and VL-624 escalated very quickly into orgies of explosions and fire including giant scorpion tails and flying though airship cockpits.


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