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Nightmare Fuel / Klaanon

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Klaanon has the tendency of going very dark, occasionaly. A scene with Makuta Abzumo without him torturing anyone is rare. Eldrich abominations like Avde and Rhak'elakk can be found around every corner. All-in-all, it can be an unpleasant world, and it likes to frequently remind everyone about it.

  • The fight between Zorak and Guardian, where Zorak threatens to puncture Guardian's only remaining eye.
  • The aftermath of the Zyglak attack, where basically half of the strike force got slowly mutated to death.
  • The screaming skeleton on Captain's desk that is revealed to be a rapidly regenerating Purifier.
    • The fact that Purifier has 11 souls in him, all trying to break free, and that Purifier himself is unable to die is... disturbing.
  • Toa KAL are dead Toa revived without soul and strapped into mechanical armor made of blood.
    • And their souls are used to make batteries for the Commando Vahki.
  • The fact that no-one knows about Zairyh who is travelling inside Kapura's head.
  • The insides of a Feterra. At least, if the characters are believed.
  • The Puppets. All of them. Including the Crimson Man.

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