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  • Amazua's character was originally brought into story just because his creator liked designs of Vecicons in Transformers Prime, and wanted to include a character based on that design. He was also originally ment to be just an elite mook within the ranks of Alliance, but later evolved into The Dragon with few characteristics of his own.
  • (Un)offical Klaanon Card game (codenamed "Salsa" (It Makes Sense in Context)), is quite unigue about that lots of it's game mechanics are actually developed mostly on the actual story of itself, and characters' card effects often follow their original characterizations in the story.

Trivia Tropes:

  • Author Phobia: Downplayed. Things like Marionette exist mostly because his creator wound find faceless mannequins at shopping malls "simply being creepy as shit."
  • Growing the Beard: Whole project started out being consisted of about few sentence long forum messages, making it seem like rather clumsy general online forum role playing game without real story construction. But right after Guardian posted his first post with more real story telling elements in it, everybody else quickly took notes and started to develop their own writing styles as well, making the project into rich fleshed out story it is today.
    • Many concider the simultaneous releases of Black Hand II and The Prophet's Kingdom to be a turning point for to the project itself as a whole. Ever since then, bigger and grander chapters where plots are getting advanced often in rather grand an epic way, even giving these kind of chapter special title "special releases", or simply "bombs". Given the nature of these kind of releases, they can have often much more effort put into them, probably even making them their own genuine pieces of literature in edition of being parts of bigger story.
  • Schedule Slip: Given a new trend of some of the project's writers having gone to start hyping their future releases for the story, goign as far as giving specified release dates to new bigger chapters. However, sometimes given releases can be delayed, but due to the whole thing being based more or so to the pure enjoyment of the writing itself as a hobby, this can be forgiven.
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  • Trolling Creator: Quite few of the story's writers tend to slip into this, usually eather trough unclear or purposely missleading teaser material, or simply make smaller or bigger tricks within the story itself.
  • What Could Have Been: One of the planned plotlines was actually a duel with Amazua and Killjoy, titled ''Battle of Ass'', which was planned to be an epic god-knows-how-long all-out gadget combat which both of characters' writes had waited for actually to include within story. Ultimately, the whole plot idea was scrapped due to dragging progression of Dang it- arch.
    • Since Colonel 437 hadn't been seen or heard after his fateful duel with Ämkoo in many, many monhths, character's author himself was OK with the idea of having him been killed off. However, one of the other writers showed interest for the character in the future, and was allowed to take 437 under his wing.
    • All parts of Operation: Dang it were originally intended to be more tied in with current events happening within Bio-Clan with more interactions with the Amates and Bio-Clan members, but due to certain circumstances, Dang it- arch was reduced to it's own minor sideplot.
    • Subverted in one occasion; main reason why Make was originally written to be sent back to Bio-Clan from his lighthearted adventure with Snowman and Kepe to be included in Nazorak bombing and later Zyglak sneak attack was due one of the other writes wanting to write a gritty action scene with the character. Thus Make's "beast mode" was upgraded into some extend into truly merciless and bloodthirsty EnemyWithin, starting Make's development from PluckyComicRelief with SuperMode into more tragic character with DarkAndTroubledPast and SuperPoweredEvilSide. Originally, Make's author was against the idea, saying that it just... didn't seem to fit with the character. If he dan't given in, the greates turning point for Make's character probably could've never happened...
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  • Working Title: Most of bigger chapter projects tend to have these. Of course, they tend to be not quite consistent...