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Heartwarming / Klaanon

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  • The whole "Advent calendar". The idea of the project was to take a "holiday" known as "Naming day" from BIONICLE and equate it with Christmas, giving every willing writer a chance to come up with mutch lyrical and beautiful text as possible, and the result is truly something worth being proud of.
  • "The ice scientist" 273 is probably one of the most sympathetic characters in the story. As an exhaust nazorak, he now keeps wandering throughout The Island of Bio-Clan. The whole journey is written beautifully and all thoughs and feelings of the character shine trough perfectly, and the whole character is an exelent expection from "nazoraks are evil and ruthless"- formula. You just cannot not feel happy for the fella when he gets into trouble but always manages to keep moving forward.
    • Taken even further in Bangarang, where he apologized his fellow nazorak having to kill him. And given the rest of the content of the post, which really makes it stand out.
  • The whole ending of Black Hand II, exept probably all those lame hand puns.

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