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Tear Jerker / Klaanon

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  • The final moments in The Prophet's Realm where Kepe disassembles his binocular attachment and crushes it after all his idelogies are brought into questionable light.
  • In the end of Gates of Bane, one of the most long-term duos breaks down when Umbra admits working as a double agent for the Order. This competely demolishes Matoro, who considered Umbra his oldest, most trustworthy friend.
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  • The ending from Aft-Amana, where Kapura tears the shards of Nimda from Matoro's hands and trades them to the Kromids for Cehaya's life. While doing this, the Nimda-obsessed and severely traumatized Matoro stabs him in the back with his sword. Then Kapura proceeds to prove that he, despite all prior expectations, is indeed "someone they can trust" and all this while Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers plays in the background.
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