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YMMV / Heckle and Jeckle

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  • Cult Classic: By proxy of being a Terrytoons creation, they’re pretty esoteric nowadays. However, their cartoons are often considered to be the studio’s best series for their funny Looney Tunes style humor.
  • Ho Yay: They share a bed...or any bed for that matter
    • In one of the comics, they were trying to find a place to sleep for the night, and shared the spot together...even a park bench
    • The Power of Thought began with the two casually resting on their bed. In the same episodes, they were in the same bath tub.
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    • In Tin Pin Terrors, they had been disturbed from sleeping by a bowler above them. At the end of the episode, they wound up having to sleep in the same bathtub.
    • In Miami Maniacs, they were casually chatting on the same bed
    • In Bargain Daze, they started off resting in a Department Store couch bed display...for some odd reason.
    • Well, the list goes on.
      • The only way this is subverted is in "Rival Romeos", when the two are smitten by the same female and spend the episode trying to get rid of the other. Okay, so it was mostly Heckle trying to get Jeckle out of the way...unsuccessfully. In the end, they agree that they are both through with women "for good", only for a far more buxom female bird to strut by and start it up all over again.
    • It gets even more complicated knowing their prototype versions in "The Talking Magpies" were a married couple with at least one of them having a Gender Flip afterwards.
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  • Viewer Species Confusion: Heckle and Jeckle are often mistaken for crows, even though they're actually magpies. This is an understandable mistake though—how many cartoons can you name that star magpies as characters?

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