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  • Funny Moments: Gigan and Megalon as Heterosexual Life-Partners is amazing in concept alone.
    #imustgo #myplanetneedsme
    • And the description;
    Robbie: this is so noncanon it hurts
    • As of the Orga entry, it's not all that non-canon anymore.
    • There’s something incredibly funny about the fact that, for all intents and purposes, Gabara is Miki's Stand.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Miki caring for Ghidorah Jr.. And when she learns of his true identity, her first instinct is to try and prevent him going down the same path as his father by creating a kaiju with her mind to fight Krystalak. There’s cases of a woman being a Mama Bear, and then there’s Miki Saegusa.
    • Adding to the above, when he gets kidnapped, she immediately goes looking for Godzilla to get help in retrieving him. Having the guts to go up to Godzilla and ask him to help is something not many humans share, but Miki loves Tatsunari that much that she is willing to risk an encounter with the king of monsters to get him back.
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    • Simultaneously a meta and in-universe example; during the month of June, Gojirin was revealed as a side character, and was also revealed to be in a relationship with Mothra. This is twofold; one, the idea of Kaiju understanding love is adorable as hell, and two, this was revealed during Pride Month. Love really does have no barriers, when even giant monsters can be gay.
    • Cyber-Ghidorah complimenting his pilot after they kill Spacegodzilla.
    • Gojirin helping Godzilla fight Spacegodzilla and Orochi is especially heartwarming as she was described as an Actual Pacifist before.
    • As soon as Spacegodzilla stabs Godzilla, Kiryu and Anguirus immediately lose focus due to worry. It's small, but it shows Anguirus truly cares for his friend, and Kiryu for her son.
  • Moment of Awesome: Godzilla gets several of these, as usual. Most notably, killing King Ghidorah through excessive Beam Spam and then ripping its heart out. And crushing it.
    • Mothra saving Godzilla and Anguirus from Shinji.
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    • Mothra and Jet Jaguar teaming up against Gigan and Megalon.
    • Rodan saving Anguirus from MechaGodzilla, and then deliberately invoking the Godzilla Threshold to get rid of him.
    • Miki going full Mama Bear on Krystalak when he attempts to kidnap Ghidorah Jr., and creating Gabara. Who then proceeds to fight Krystalak one on one for ten minutes. As soon as she wakes up after being knocked unconscious by Gabara’s defeat, her first instinct? Go looking for Godzilla. This woman has guts.
    • Zilla managing to No-Sell the Visitor's attempt to absorb him by being radioactive. And then Rodan very nearly preventing the events of The Thing (1982) by almost completely obliterating it with his fire breath.
    • Godzilla taking on Gigan, Megalon, and Thunderbuzz all at once. Sure, he needs to be bailed out, but it states outright he engaged them first.
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    • The "Up Next" for Thunderbuzz's reveal; Gamera.
    • Gamera managing to absolutely curb-stomp Gigan, Megalon and Thunderbuzz, and then proceeding to tear off Megalon's head with his bare claws. Gamera fans, rejoice; this version is even more of a badass than usual.
    • Credit where it’s due though; if Gamera hadn’t bailed Godzilla out, Gigan, Megalon and Thunderbuzz would have straight up killed him.
    • Gejin getting over her Heroic BSoD long enough to issue a Curb-Stomp Battle to Keizer Ghidorah.
    • The entire final sequence of events is a big one for Spacegodzilla; if Cyber-Ghidorah hadn't shown up, he straight up would have killed every single heroic kaiju.
    • Orochi getting vaporized in an All Your Colors Combined attack, after, in this order; killing Gamera, no-selling the atomic breath, holding his own against Super Godzilla, and even managing to keep fighting after one of his heads gets ripped off. The amount of sheer firepower it took to put the bastard down is a moment for BOTH sides.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Previous Ghidorahs were frightening enough, being Omnicidal Maniacs with little motivation beyond For the Evulz. This Ghidorah is A Nazi by Any Other Name, culling the weak without any remorse and restraint and crushing any kind of resistance against his tyrannical rule- yes, he's actually king of the fucking universe- with absolutely zero effort. He delights in cruelty and destruction and has no qualms about wiping out entire planets for the hell of it. Somehow, the author took an already absolutely terrifying monster and made him worse.
    • Hedorah counts too. His eyes look bloodshot, and he has various bits of metal and bone poking out of him to act as toes, feet and a hand. Oh, and his reason for working for Ghidorah? So he can be as cruel as he wants with no repercussions. And his body is acidic as usual.
    • One of the generals of Ghidorah listed in the Hedorah post? Dummied Out Godzilla Unleashed monster The Visitor. Who already looks positively nightmarish. And now that he's been revealed, he's said to be literally The Thing.
    • This addendum made to Shin Godzilla's entry;
    Godzilla was shaken by this incident; he know knew the kind of effect his existence had on the world around him, and began to grow concerned that the humans were right to fear him and want him destroyed. And all the while he failed to realize that while Shinji himself was dead, bits of pieces of him were scattered across Tokyo, and the world may not be entirely rid of the agonized monstrosity. They were found and carted off to be frozen, but the day they adapt to the temperatures is the day Godzilla's greatest regret returns to haunt him...
    • King Ghidorah looks proud, regal and confident. In stark contrast is Keizer Ghidorah, who looks absolutely feral by comparison.
    • Spacegodzilla VERY NEARLY kills Godzilla. In fact, he utterly dominates the battle against him until Cyber-Ghidorah shows up.
  • Tearjerker:
    • Shin Godzilla, unsurprisingly. When it's beaten, it literally begs for death.
    • Ghidorah Jr. is described as screaming for his adoptive mother when Krystalak kidnaps him.
    • Megalon's death sends Gigan into a rage, and he's trying to get at Gamera even as Thunderbuzz gets him to safety. Even though he's a sadist and a scoundrel, with how close he and Megalon were stated to be, it's hard not to feel sorry for him.
    • The entry on Gojirin gives us the knowledge that the original Godzilla didn’t attack out of righteous indignation, but rather as part of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge; Gojirin’s mom was too close to the blast when the bomb that mutated her, her brother and her father went off, and was killed. Godzilla Sr. went off to get revenge and never came back. So not only are Godzilla and Gojirin both mutated giant monsters, they’re orphans. The fact that the current Godzilla didn’t go down the same dark path as his father is frankly a damn miracle.

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