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YMMV tropes for the movie:

  • Complete Monster: Warden Willard Hobbes is the operator of "The Tomb", an illegal, privately run prison he boasts to be inescapable. Although his contracts require that prisoners be kept alive, Hobbes tortures inmates to near-death, locking the disobedient ones in a room with a powerful halogen light to painfully dehydrate their bodies. Unrelentingly cruel, when one inmate insults Hobbes he shoves a hose into the prisoner's mouth, stopping the water only just before he drowns, and lets his sadistic Dragon torture Ray Breslin around the clock. When the inmates begin to riot and Ray and his allies try to escape, Hobbes has his men use live ammunition on both the rioters and escapees.
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  • Dueling-Stars Movie: Like The Expendables, the film is a showcase for Arnold and Sly fans to see them come together, see them trade quips about each other and overall kick ass. Too bad they finally did this decades past their prime, and this film proved yet another bomb for both to drive that point home.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The film made four times as much money internationally than it did in the United States, with the bulk of it coming from China. This is why its belated sequels, which went Direct-to-DVD in the US, saw theatrical screenings elsewhere and was made with the Chinese audience in mind.
  • Ham and Cheese: Jim Caviezel clearly graduated from the Eric Roberts School of Slimy Villain Acting for his role.
  • Moral Event Horizon: If Hobbes didn't cross it in his sadistic attempts to break Breslin, then his personal execution of Javed without batting an eye does.
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  • Narm: The fight scene between Breslin and Drake. It would be intense if Vinnie Jones wasn't talking constantly and trying unsuccessfully to be a badass.
  • Special Effects Failure: Hobbes' getting blown up doesn't look too convincing.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: 50 Cent as The Smart Guy.


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