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  • Awesome Music:
    • "A true, true friend" is already a great song. What happens when it's in the style of EarthBound? An absolutely amazing song that manages to make getting all the Elements up to that point feel triumphantly worth it. Some would say it's worth playing through this hack for this remix alone.
    • Whoever handled the music did a really, really good job at incorporating a lot of the show's songs into EarthBound's music format. Besides that, there's also "Hearts as Strong as Horses" in Cloudsdale, "Celestia's Ballad" at the Canterlot Castle, and "I've Got to Find a Way" in Sea of Eden.
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  • Breather Boss: After the wake-up call that was the Changeling disguised as Rainbow Dash, the Changeling disguised as Applejack is far more easy, if only because she's incredibly weak to paralysis. Her only magical abilities are to cast Offense Up and Defense Up on herself, with all her other attacks being physical. Once you have her paralyzed, it's possible to have Auto Battle safely take care of the rest. She can also summon Territorial Oak equivalents, but usually you'll have her paralyzed before she can do so, and even if she does get one out it's easy to just ignore it and focus on her because it doesn't deal that much damage at this point.
  • Broken Base:
    • On the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic side of things, there's people who like this hack for going further than most FiM reskin hacks of games by actually having much of the humor changed to be more in line with the show itself and having several tweaks to enemies and bosses to help keep it a fresh experience for those who are already familiar with base EarthBound. However, others wish the hack had gone even further by attempting to reconstruct maps from the ground-up to better resemble areas from the show and were rather disappointed to find out that the "new areas" were basically just the layout of EarthBound areas given a FiM paint job.
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    • On the EarthBound side of things, there are people who appreciate the number of tweaks under the hood that helps EarthBound feel more modernized and allows better planning and more strategies in battle, with the game having Bonus Bosses that test your knowledge of EarthBound to the fullest being a major draw for those uninterested in the pony side of things. Others, however, refuse to even acknowledge this hack's existence simply because of the FiM elements.
  • Crossing the Line Twice: The Mr. Saturns being forced to work for Master Belch in the original wasn't funny at all. The Mr. Saturns being forced to work for Gilda somehow manages to make it hilarious thanks to the fact that she is making them use her speech patterns. Seeing words like "dork" and "dweeb" in Mr. Saturn text manages to make the whole thing chuckle-inducing somehow.
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  • Game-Breaker: Roman Candles, being the equivalent to Multi-Bottle Rockets. Arguably even more so, as in the original the Multi-Bottle Rockets were balanced out by the fact they had a high pricetag. In this hack, though, enemies give out far more money, making it easy to stock up on them. Granted, this is likely because one of the Bonus Bosses would be a Marathon Boss without them, but against any plot-relevant enemies that aren't immune to it...
  • Good Bad Bugs: A few of the Underground Monkeys in the Chain of Deals quest keep their trades from EarthBound in addition to what they're asking for. This results in a few trades where you can substitute Picnic Lunches and Cupcakes (which has the Hamburger's data in the hack) instead of the items they're asking for, making it notably easier.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Early on, Spoiled Rich makes an off-hand comment about her daughter deserving a swift hoof smack while Filthy Rich is commented about being too lenient with her. This is obviously supposed to be about her spoiled, Jerkass behavior...but considering we eventually found out she's emotionally abusive to Tiara and the cause of her behavior, this line comes off as less of a comment about her being spoiled and moreso a "punishment" for not living up to her high expectations.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Depending on whether you find her official Freudian Excuse sympathetic or not, Diamond Tiara taking up Porky's role is this. Considering her being a jerk wasn't her own fault and really wants to be a nicer pony...
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Dinky eventually gains her Cutie Mark over the course of the journey thanks to the Crusaders helping her along. Despite the fact that none of them do over the journey, the fact that they managed to help Dinky gain hers was enough for them to consider it worth it. Considering their special talents would eventually be confirmed to be helping others discover their special talent, it makes this scene even more heartwarming than it originally was.
  • Narm: After going through the Changeling hive and making your way to the final Element of Harmony, you finally encounter Chrysalis disguised as Twilight. Entering the battle against her... reveals a sprite of Alicorn(!) Twilight peacefully sitting down and reading a book. Granted, using Flash reveals Chrysalis' real form, but it does little to shake the earlier non-threatening pose.
  • That One Attack:
    • In all battles, the Changeling disguised as Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom, thanks to being the equivalent of PSI Starstorm in this hack. The first time you encounter it, it's still very early in the game, and though it's telegraphed, it will result in a Total Party Kill if you don't know how to spot it coming and counter it. Even in the late game when you start fighting the true forms of the Sanctuary bosses, it's still a massive pain, especially if you're running low on PP and don't have enough to counter it.
    • The Changeling disguised as Fluttershy isn't a hard boss. If anything, the minions it calls are far more dangerous. However, it does have one attack that makes it highly dangerous - the stare. Why is it so dangerous? Because it's a 100% chance to diamondize a character! At this point, the only way you'll likely be able to heal this is if you have Secret Herbs on hand, and if you don't (which you likely won't without some foresight considering almost nobody uses those in the original game)...
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Twilight's sprite in this game looks rather masculine from the front, and it doesn't help that she has a much darker color palette going on than in the show thanks the graphical limitations of the EarthBound ROM. As a result, most people don't realize it's her until walking into the Ponyville Library to talk to the receptionist while expecting to get the map.


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