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  • Actor Allusion: When Apple Bloom first talks to Doctor Whooves, he gives her the alias "Smith" to call him by, before quickly backpedaling upon realizing it doesn't sound like a pony's name. Matt Smith played the Eleventh Doctor, which is who Doctor Whooves was presumably modeled to be a Shout-Out to originally in the show.
  • Flip-Flop of God: Rydal has stated that the current version of the game is likely the final version. Despite this, he has expressed some interest in making the areas in the game more show-accurate like Ponyville, but has also stated he wants to start working on his own completely original FiM RPG. Whether it's EarthBound-influenced or not, or if another update does happen, has yet to be seen.
    • He also said there'd be no 1.6 update, but eventually came out with said version later.
  • Word of God: Among many things, Rydal has stated that he hopes to make the Ponyville in the hack look more like the one in the show once he figures out how to get past the technical limitations Onett presents.
    • He's also stated that he'd like to possibly turn it into its own game using its own custom engine at some point instead of a ROM hack, as it would allow him far more freedom than what an EarthBound ROM presents.


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