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  • Contested Sequel: There is debate whether Exotica was an improvement over World or not.
  • Even Better Sequel/Surprisingly Improved Sequel: World was where the series really found its footing, and it falls under the former when referring to the arcade version and the latter for the home version. It added several mainstays of the series including tricks and more fleshed out course design along with shortcuts and a 4-player mode (USA was limited to two, both in arcades and at home). For the Nintendo 64 port, not only is it a much more Polished Port than the original, it also added a slew of extra features including a time attack mode, a championship mode with circuit versions of the tracks, more cars, difficulty settings note , an exclusive bonus level, and a generally much more accessible 4-player mode than its arcade counterpart (the arcade version required four cabinets linked up to accomplish this, which not only required a hefty amount of space but also wasn't very commonly seen since it wouldn't typically bring a good return on investment).
  • Porting Disaster:
    • The Nintendo 64 port of USA, rather infamously so given that Nintendo had originally touted that it ran on the same hardware as the eventual console. The frame rate was very jittery, it was heavily censored, the controls were not translated very well, the lasting appeal was quite limiting as it was more or less just a straight up port with no extra features, and the music was very poorly translated, almost sounding like a cheap MIDI translation you could have downloaded online in the dial-up days. What really makes this inexcusable was the fact that not only was there a two-year gap between the arcade and home releases, Nintendo ordered the game to be delayed when they were reportedly unsatisfied with the game's state had it been put out on launch. That's right, it originally was much worse!
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    • The home port of Exotica also suffered heavily due to coming out at the turn of the millennium, and as such it used far, far, far more powerful hardware in the arcade than anything that was remotely achievable on the Nintendo 64. In addition, it was outsourced to a third-party developer as opposed to being developed in-house by Midway.
  • The Scrappy: USA and World both have a CPU car that always starts out in first place — a blue car in the former, and a red car in the latter. Not only do they start in first, they consistently stay in first through nearly every race. You will learn to hate them with all your heart. To make matters worse, the red car in World almost appears as if it has a smiling face on its fender, as if it's laughing at you.
  • That One Level: France in Time Attack mode on the home port of World. To beat the target time, you absolutely have to have the Speed Demon already unlocked, no questions asked. And you have to play the course almost flawlessly (which is especially hard in the narrow sections lined with trees). If you use manual transmission, it can help mitigate the difficulty somewhat since the car has a slightly higher top speed at manual, but even then it's only going to be a very tiny help. Many players who were kids during the game's original release still haven't beaten it to this day. Just to hammer this point home, the target time is 2:15.00; many of the videos on YouTube that demonstrate beating it will often be only a quarter second shy of this!
    • Chicago in USA, due to the pillars and beams in your way for much of the race and sharp 90 degree turns in the tunnel section.

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