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  • Channel Hop: The first four titles were co-published between Nintendo and Midway Games. The Wii entry, titled simply Cruis'n, was published by Midway under license from Nintendo, who otherwise had zero involvement in its creation (they retained the game's copyright). When Midway filed for bankruptcy two years later, Nintendo took full ownership of the franchise. Nintendo subsequently contracted Raw Thrills, run by Cruis'n creator Eugene Jarvis, to develop Cruis'n Blast in 2016.
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  • Follow the Leader: California Speed and the San Francisco Rush series were cut from much the same cloth as Cruis'n.
  • Lying Creator: As stated, USA was originally advertised as using real Ultra 64 hardware. This was actually untrue from the outset; the arcade version used proprietary Midway-based hardware. Presumably the original intention was that the eventual console would use hardware similar to the arcade version or at least good enough to warrant an Arcade-Perfect Port, but it seems Nintendo vastly overestimated just how good the console would actually be. Even the port of World, which was still decidedly much more faithful to the arcade version, still had to water down the graphics some so it could fit. Though if there's any consolation, the N64 port had the advantage of texture filtering as typical with most games released for the platform.
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  • Sequel Gap: Not counting the GBA spinoff, there was a seven year gap between Exotica and the Wii reboot, and another ten between it and Blast. Of course, that's not too surprising, given that arcades haven't been very popular in the USA since the turn of the century and the series' very simplistic style of gameplay never fit too well on home consoles.

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