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YMMV / Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

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  • Bizarro Episode: The appropriately named "Level 3: A Random Encounter" in the DC Nation shorts.
  • Complete Monster: Dark Opal is the Big Bad of the first series. Overthrowing the House of Amethyst, massacring their men and killing the ruling family, Dark Opal seeks to extend his rule over all he can. Obsessed with having an heir, he forces women to bear his children, but when the results are malformed creatures, he exiles them to the Abyss to languish forever. When his children return to stop his evil, Dark Opal savagely murders them all himself. Caring nothing for his allies, he forces his right-hand man Sardonyx to sign a deal with creatures known as Emissaries of Varn with the knowledge Sardonyx will be taken to eternal torment should the contract fall through as Dark Opal can't be bothered to save him. Gleefully attempting to massacre his enemies, Dark Opal also tortures the kind old Lord Topaz to death before raising him as a twisted monster to trick Prince Topaz into marrying a woman of Dark Opal's choice for political gain. Obsessed with his own power and thinking nothing of destroying whatever is in his way, Dark Opal remains Amethyst's most monstrous foe.
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  • Cult Classic: The shorts themselves. Many believe the shorts should become their own show as opposed to the Teen Titans shorts becoming Teen Titans Go!.
  • Moe: Amethyst's appearance in the DC Nation shorts is adorable.
  • Vindicated by History: The original comic book series failed to make Amethyst known in the public eye, but as noted above, her shorts on DC Nation have made her a fan favorite.

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