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Heartwarming / Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

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  • Don't you just love those moments between Amy and Taffy the dog? D'aww cute.
  • During the power-sharing between Lady Graciel and Princess Amaya in Sword of Sorcery #3, Lady Mordiel gets into Amaya's mind and tempts her to kill her mother and take all the power for herself. Right when she about to strike the blow, Amaya remembers her mother's love. She fights off the temptation and her mother calls her a true princess of House Amethyst!

DC Shorts

  • The ending to "Level 4: The Turquoise Cave". After Amethyst has defeated Skeleton!Topaz, he sadly explains his tragic situation. Amy/Amethyst feels genuinely sorry for him. So she then encourages him to go out into the world and try to find something to help make him happy again.
    Amy/Amethyst: I used to stay in my room all the time, afraid what others would think. But there's a whole big scary world out there, waiting to be explored.
  • The fifth animated short, when Amethyst saves the Frog Prince.
  • The seventh animated short, when Amy/Amethyst restores Prince Topaz to normal. Sure the goofiness is still being played up to eleven, but still. A nice little happy moment.
    Topaz: (smiles after being returned to normal) Hey, thanks!
    • At the end of Level 7, when Amy decides instead of playing her game to go outside.

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