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  • Awesome Music: The game's soundtrack is very high quality, especially the intro of each character's story mode and Heat Desert's theme.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Pooly is either well liked for his very funny personality and story next to the much more serious story of everyone else and flexible easy to control game play, or disliked for being his story being too contrasting next to everyone else, his tendency to act like he isn't aware of anything and for being one of the harder characters to fight against due to said fighting style.
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    • Kleude. Either he's liked for being a Nice Guy and shades of shyness being cute whose goal is to save his mother is heartwarming or he's disliked for his Momma's Boy tendency coming off as incestous, being overly effeminate and being more difficult to pick up than any other characters.
    • Rose, a beautiful realistically flawed woman with great character development, or a horrible woman who gets away with her mean behavior to her sister with a grating unfitting voice.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Ask most players who is the character they think of when talking about this game. Ariel and Nate are usually the first to come to mind, it helps that the former is a very strong woman despite her daintiness who learns to open up and the latter is a handsome man with a very troubling past.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Aquila's ending. Sure she gets her human form back and managed to get Nate back home, but there's also the factor that Nate was abused by the army that isn't addressed in her ending.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The moves that can be used when low on health tend to be overpowered, which is useful against a lot of the later sub bosses and makes regular enemies into mincemeat very quickly. Kleude's is the most broken due to the fact he can heal and the computer in arcade mode always guards due to thinking it's an attack instead.
    • The throw attack in arcade mode as well as it negates guarding. Unlike the above, it cannot be used in the adventure segment of story mode.
  • Moe: Ariel, Kleude and Aquila. Ariel for her petite figure, large vulnerable eyes and dutiful personality, Kleude due to his shyness and care to his family, and Aquila for being a Broken Bird who just wanted her and Nate's life to be better.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Moving platforms tend to make really loud high pitched droning noises.
  • Narm: The faces most of the characters wear after sealing Abyss tend to make them look like they're about to snap rather than just being tired out.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Blood feels that he isn't important to anyone due to how much his father accomplished, feeling like an inferior version to him. Gunrock was turned into a dangerous wasteland, taking his mother with it, and he puts up a rude facade to hide how he is really feeling. He gets visibly upset when he finds out his father is working for Abyss, and his breakdown on his own ending reveals he is unable to put that up anymore.
    • Rose and her sister. Mary left their family due to their abuse. When the sisters fight due to issues with keeping a pet they found in the valley, it caused Mary to run off only to get captured by a strange man to be used a vessel for Abyss. Her attitude stems from trying to be independent for her sister gone overboard due to her young age.
    • Nate is cold and wanting to seek revenge for years of abuse by the army who raised him due to his mother abandoning him as a baby. It gets worse when it's revealed that his mother is Abyss who abandoned him due to the fact he was only half angel leaving him without wings believing he's weak. Lemuria refuses to help him due to that, and he kills Yura without realizing Aquila is her because of the army using her vessel to operate it, all of which causes him to completely snap.
  • That One Boss:
    • When they aren't brain dead, some of the AI opponents in arcade mode can be very hard to deal with. Pray that you don't face these characters at the end of Mount Clome:
    • Kleude's AI knows to use his faster special attack rather than his slower special attack with one of them used to hone him close to you. If you try to get too far when he's low on health, he will take advantage of it to heal as well. Additionally, one of the attacks that use the magic meter, while having an awkward hit box and being slow to start, can take out 1/4th of your health if it connects.
    • Bian has a very high attack and aggressive AI. The downside of that is that he's slow and large, making him an easy target.
    • Pooly's very fast and flexible moveset, in addition to his shortness, makes him a hard target to hit while he can easily reach up to you.
    • The second sub boss in Gunrock, due to its very long attack animation and huge range, making long ranged attack impossible without reading its AI.
    • Both the sub bosses in RS Plant, the first for being a "Get Back Here!" Boss without a save point anywhere near it and the latter when playing as Nate, Pooly or Bian since its close range attack is fast and does devastating damage even when blocking it.
  • That One Level:
    • Mount Clome due to the two guillotine hazards in the beginning and the end of it (the latter being right before you face the main boss too!) and two long platforming section with really loud droning sounds (while the first one is optional, it is required if you want to get every piece of equipment).
    • RS Plant, especially with Bian. There are moving platforms with lasers and moving hooks everywhere, plus you can't save until just before the second sub boss and the large amount of backtracking after that.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: This game is loaded with it.
    • See the cute slender looking blonde girl with Hartman Hips and soft feminine sounding voice? That's Kleude, a guy.
    • Nate can also trip unsuspecting people with his slender build and fine features, though his voice is a bit more masculine than Kleude's.
    • Aquila is actually female!? Her true form is Yura, Nate's girlfriend, whose heart is used to operate it.
    • Abyss is actually a woman despite her masculine build and voice (even calling herself a father to Nate). However, her true form is much more feminine looking.
  • The Woobie: Most of the playable characters.
    • Ariel, due to her heart being frozen, is unable to express happiness despite wishing to.
    • Kleude's father dies when he was young, and his mother is dying after an attack which could leave him and his brother completely alone.
    • Aquila Yura, due to being used as a vessel for the robot the army is developing without either her or Nate knowing it. If Nate is chosen, he would kill her without realizing who she is until it's far too late.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Rose's voice. For being a rather mature looking lady, she has the voice of Kenny from Pokémon, though that might be considered to fit her abrasive personality.

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