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  • John Cena: One of the most popular professional wrestlers in history. He has been the face of WWE for over six years and has been one of the hardest-hitting men in the industry. His unforgettable array of moves and his impressive win-loss record has made him a first-ballot future WWE Hall of Famer. Outside the ring, he is one of the most dedicated men when it comes to the US Military and Make-a-Wish foundation, and that has brought him into the hearts of millions of fans everywhere.
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  • Michael Cole: This play-by-play announcer has brought back the heel commentator role that hasn't been seen since the days of Jesse Ventura and Jerry Lawler. His ego creates a whole new dimension to his role as a commentator by supporting heels and attacking faces. He shows a strong following for former WWE Champion The Miz, showing a sign of favoritism that has never been seen in other commentators. His role as the spokesman for the RAW general manager and his feuds with other announcers like Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross has helped make him much more visible as a character than he ever was before. With a dedicated fan following, there is no doubt he should be called "The Voice of the WWE."
  • Katie Vick: She was a very important figure and inspirational force to one of the most successful big men in wrestling history. To this day fans that didn't even watch the storyline involving her know about it. Despite being intimate only once, Kane can never escape her memory. Even Triple H dealt in depth with her. She truly is one of the most memorable things to ever come out of the Attitude Era, and rightfully so.
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  • Roman Reigns: One of the WWE's hottest up-and-coming wrestlers of the New 10s, and at one time a member of one of the most dominant stables in wrestling history. He also has a dedicated following, and has been in the main event of WrestleMania 31, 32, and 33. With his never-quit attitude and strong grip on the rankings, he'll be a megastar for years to come.

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