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  • The show went through quite a lot changes during development.
    • The show was originally for only Disney Junior until the higher ups thought it should also be made for Disney Channel. However, reruns and premieres are on both Disney Channel and Disney Junior, and it still keeps the same tone and style of its parent series. Averted as of 2017, where the show is officially recognized as part of Disney Junior.
    • It's quite obvious that Elena and the Secret of Avalor is actually a Sofia the First special (hence the animation is the same as the latter show rather than the former's unique animation) and that it was supposed to be the pilot episode of Elena of Avalor. However, Disney decided to premiere Elena's series before the special had come out, so when it came time for them to air it in November 2016, it was repackaged as an Elena of Avalor special and a Framing Device of Elena recalling the story to Naomi was added at the beginning and end of the special. The special's closing credits, which can be seen on the DVD release, even still have as an artifact the music and formatting of Sofia the First credits.
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    • "Realm of the Jaquins" was supposed to be the Season 1 finale, hence the sense of finality.
    • According to this video, Jorge Diaz (Gabe) was also considered for Skylar.
    • There was going to be a song in "The Gecko's Tale", but it was cut for time purposes.
    • The press release announcement originally stated that Abuelo Francisco and Abuela Luisa nicknamed as Tito and Cici, respectively, but they have yet to be referred to as such in the show.
    • Additionally, initial reports claimed that Esteban was a duke and Elena's uncle rather than cousin, though it could be a case of misinformation. Esteban's noble title, if any, is never brought up.
    • Mateo was originally named "Marco", but this was changed after they learned that Star vs. the Forces of Evil was already using that name for one of their own main characters. This has a Development Gag in the show, in which Carla calls Mateo, "Marco", at one point.
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    • In "All Kingdoms Fair", at the end when Esteban tries the Gutirrez's cheese sample, he was going to say "Meh.", but it was cut for being too overboard with his Kick the Dog moments in that episode.
    • The shot of a Shuriki-masked Fiero emerging from the shadows in "Song of the Sirenas" was originally closer, but was changed to be farther to keep it more kid-friendly.
    • As explained at 42:50 in the video, Travis Willingham originally voiced Cuco with a cowboy accent, but it was decided that the voice sounded too weird, and so he used a slight variation of his natural voice.
    • Judging by this behind-the-scenes image, Luna was originally named Cuco, the noblins were originally named for the peuchens they were based off of, and "All Heated Up" was originally titled "Hotheads".
    • The show itself falls under this. At 1:10:00 in a podcast, Craig Gerber mentions that he almost considered making Elena a supporting character on Sofia the First, but Disney liked her enough to give her her own series.
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    • In some of John Pomeroy's concept art for the show, he refers to it as Elena, Princess of Avalor, suggesting that this was the original title of the show. Japan uses this title.
    • One of John Pomeroy's concept art sketches shows that Elena would've had a pet chihuahua.
    • One episode would have involved La Llorona , but even after being lightened up, it was still deemed too dark.
    • In these pieces of concept art by John Pomeroy, Abuela could have been thinner, Armando had a different hairstyle, and Elena presumably would have been more irritable, even to Isabel.
    • According to coloring keys posted on Dee Farnsworth's blog, in Alacazar's name was originally Zarwin.
    • According to Craig Gerber, Elena would have had a chance of getting a Disney Infinity figure if the franchise hadn't met its premature end.
      Craig Gerber: [Asked if Sofia and Elena could appear in Disney Infinity] They would have had a shot if Disney Infinity [Disney Interactive Studios] didn't just close up shop. Too bad.

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