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Word Of God / Elena of Avalor

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Elena of Avalor

Word of God in this series.
  • The show is supposed to take place over a span of five years, in both real life and in-story.
  • The elderly man in Elena and Cristobal's family picture shown in "Song of the Sirenas" is Cristobal's maternal grandfather.
  • The climax of "Song of the Sirenas" in regards to Shuriki's death was shot in an ambiguous way where it looks like she was trapped in the Jewel of Night, much like with the Fiero scene, in order to keep it from being too scary, but for all intents and purposes, Shuriki is dead.
    • Becomes clearer in "Coronation Day", where Shuriki is shown in the dark side of the spirit world with other dead spirits.
  • According to the Essential Guide, Skylar and Luna are cousins.
  • Although there are no plans to show it onscreen, Avalor does celebrate La Semana Santa (Holy Week).
  • Shuriki was not involved in the death of Esteban's parents.
  • The reason why we don't see Esteban in the Dia de Los Muertos episodes is mainly because he's visiting his parents' altars, along with some other reasons.
  • Sofia and Elena may be writing to each other from time to time.
  • Elena is Christian, although it's not clear if her faith is a Christian denomination.
  • Esteban is Elena's older cousin, pre-amulet. He's older but not by much.
    Question: pre amulet, Who is the older cousin? Esteban or Elena?
    Craig: Esteban.
  • Higgins became Esteban's guard shortly after Elena returned.
  • According to the Podcast Princesses interview, Craig and a sizable amount of other crew members are on "Team Mateo" rather than on "Team Gabe".
  • Nathan Chew liking and replying to posts about Gabe and Naomi as a romantic couple after the airing of "Norberg Peace Prize" seems to confirm that this is indeed the authorial intent behind their relationship in that episode.
  • The crystals in TakaĆ­na originated from the Mystic Isles:
    Question: Is the Scepter of Light's crystal also made in the Mystic Isles like the Amulet of Avalor?
    Addition: Initially, means "at first" first the crystal was made in the Mystic Isles and then given to the Maruvians to use.
    Craig: It was not so much given as the crystals were hidden in secret spots around the EverRealm. The Maruvians found one such spot.
  • According to Craig Gerber, Elena is a Leo.