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Western Animation / Pachamama

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Pachamama is a 2018 (distributed on Netflix in 2019) animated movie by Juan Antin, who long strived to tell this story.

  • Big Bad: The nameless conquistador Chief (implied to be Francisco Pizarro) leads the charge to conquer the Inca.
  • Evil Colonialist:
    • The main villains are the conquistadores, who are portrayed as blood crazed, greedy maniacs.
    • The Inca take the same role until the arrival of the conquistadores.
  • Noble Bird of Prey: Fitting for an Andean setting a large condor helps the protagonists, later revealed to be the village shaman in animal form.
  • No Name Given: The conquistador chief is never given a name, but is implied to be Francisco Pizarro.