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Western Animation / Once Upon A Potty

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"Yes, I'm going to my potty, potty..."
Once Upon at Potty is an animated Direct-to-Video adaptation of the best selling potty training book of the same name. It was initially released to VHS and Betamax in 1990 by Barron's Home Video, before getting a DVD and BluRay version.

Much like the book, the video is available in both "for him" and "for her" versions, switching out the animated protagonist to Joshua or Prudence, respectively. At any rate, all versions feature an animated retelling of the book, two live-action segments depicting The Potty Song, and a "Parent's Guide" hosted by Dr. Leo Kron of the Saint Jude Children's Hospital of New York.

Once Upon a Potty provides the following examples:

  • Ascended Extra: Joshua and Preduence's father, who appears in the animated segment, was never in the original book.
  • Best Friend Manual: The "Parent's Guide", in which Dr. Leo Kron gives potty training tips to parents.
  • Ear Worm: "The Potty Song" is pretty catchy and cheerful, it might get stuck in your head if you fondly remember those videos in your childhood.
  • Montage Ends the VHS: The VHS and Betamax version ends with a promo for the video, the book, and the official dolls of Joshua and Prudence (complete with their own small potties).
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  • Potty Failure: As in the book, there's one point where Joshua and Prudence accidentally go "wee-wee" and "poo-poo" outside of the potty.
  • Toilet Training Plot: Just like the book that inspired it, the animated segment deals with Joshua or Prudence learning how to use the potty.

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