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"Top three corniest things my great-aunt Bertha told me: Love conquers all, practice makes perfect… and you are what you wear… I hate it when that woman is right!"

There’s suffering from Development Hell and then there’s what happened to this series.

HOOD is (or was going to be) an animated series about a group of teenagers who wear hoodies that give them superpowers and use them to save humanity from evil threats. Their group consists of:

  • Bird, who can control flocks of birds.

  • Loona, the team leader who can inflate and float in the air like a balloon.

  • Plus/Minus, who can generate electricity.

  • Parker, who can perform extreme acrobatic feats.

  • Photocynthia, who can become bulky and super strong.

  • The Omega Triplets, whose powers remain undetermined.

HOOD was intended to be an animated series produced in 2009 by Howie Shia and produced for Teletoon and Disney XD by Portfolio Entertainment. A trailer was released in 2009, the year it started in development. However, it was never released as a full series nor has there been any word on its development since. The trailer for it can be found here.



  • Back-to-Back Badasses: One scene has Bird, Plus/Minus, and Parker doing this while preparing to fight over a dozen enemies surrounding them.
  • The Beastmaster: Bird has the power to control flocks of birds.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience:
    • Bird - Red
    • Loona - Blue
    • Plus/Minus – Black and White
    • Parker - Purple
    • Photocynthia – Green
    • Omega Triplets – Black
  • Does This Make Me Look Fat?: The Stinger for the trailer has Loona asking Bird if her inflated appearance makes her look fat. Bird tries to find a way to say no before sheepishly admitting that yes, yes it does.
  • Inflating Body Gag: Loona can inflate like a balloon and float in the air.
  • Le Parkour: Parker can leap or wall jump tall buildings.
  • Me's a Crowd: One of the antagonists the heroes face is a guy with the power to duplicate himself.
  • Meaningful Name: The protagonists' names reference their powers.
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  • Not So Above It All: Throughout the trailer, Loona is presented as the stoic, no-nonsense leader of the group. Then in The Stinger she comically reveals to Bird that she's secretly self-conscious about looking fat when inflated.
  • Shock and Awe: Plus/Minus can generate electricity.
  • Temporary Bulk Change: Photocynthia can increase her muscle mass, becoming strong enough to scale outside walls of buildings.


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