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"…I just remembered that I can’t float."
Kirby realizing he can't go back the way he came by himself after fighting Whispy Woods

Kirby Card Clash is a fan made Sprite Comic on Smackjeeves dedicated to the Kirby franchise. It takes place directly after the events of Kirby: Triple Deluxe starring everyone’s favorite pink puffball, Kirby. In this comic, Kirby is depowered by Umbra, and is rescued by Meta Knight. He then travels Pop Star searching for the scattered cards of the Master Deck, facing old enemies along the way.


''Kirby Card Clash’' has examples of the following tropes:

  • Art Shift- The comic starts in Pixel Art style but quickly shifts to Sprite style and occasionally shifts back to Pixel art briefly.

  • Blow You Away- Green of the Waddle Dee Bros is seen using wind in the second chapter, "A King's Grudge."

  • Call-Back- The comic starts off with a small reference to the plot of Kirby: Triple Deluxe that starts a series of events

  • Combat Medic-Hanna is a cleric, but is shown using Ultima, an offensive Light Spell to take out Whispy Woods.

  • De-Power- Umbra did this to Kirby at the start of the comic.

  • Dishing Out Dirt- Black of the Waddle Dee Bros is seen using earth in the second chapter, "A King's Grudge."

  • Dynamic Entry- Hanna makes her debut in the comic by casting Ultima from offscreen and taking out Whispy Woods.

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  • The Hero- Kirby

  • Heroes Prefer Swords- Kirby, Meta Knight, and Keeby are shown on the cover wielding swords along with Umbra, who subverts this as he wishes to be a hero, but is actually the main antagonist.

  • Oh, Crap!- There were quite a few of these early on.
    • Too top it off, Kirby had one three pages in a row.
      • The first came when he was mistakenly blamed for something that was done by something else entirely.
      • The next page had a more justified one when Kirby realized he no longer had his Inhale.
      • He then fails a jump shortly after with his eyes bugging out as he realizes he is about to faceplant into a wall. Justified in the next two pages as he can no longer inflate himself.
    • Then in another page, all four of the Waddle Dees from this chapter do this twice. First, when they realize that the Wheel Dusk is closing in. The second? When they realize that it wasn't Kirby at all.
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    • Whispy’s face when Hanna casts Ultima from off-screen.
    • Chapter 2 gives us another one as Nova's eyes bug out in response to " ",a Bandana Waddle Dee from Kirby Tales In Dreamland being launched out of the portal he had opened before. Next panel has " " crashing into Nova.

  • Playing with Fire- Red of the Waddle Dee Bros is shown using fire in the second chapter, "A King's Grudge."

  • Shock and Awe- Yellow of the Waddle Dee Bros is shown using lightning in the second chapter, "A King's Grudge."

  • Sprite Comic- Even stated at the top, Is A sprite comic using Kirby super star ultra sprites like many others in kirby comics while having it's own distinct style. Also in the frontal but as stated above also does Art Shift.

  • Tempting Fate- In the Page Mid-day Stroll from the second chapter, Nova suggests that it might actually be too peaceful. Two pages later, a random stone block falls from the sky, crushing Kirby's house, which he opted not to destroy due to thinking he would be caught if he did.
    • On the same page, Nova blames [[Webcomic/Kirby'sDreamExperience Murphy]], only for him to walk into view the next panel. The next page has him pointing out how Nova was actually the cause including the example.
    • Following Murphy's explanation, which pointed out Nova's suggestion, Nova pointed out that the house did not blow up. The block crushing the house promptly explodes with Murphy counting down.

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