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"Soo...Hungwy" Kirba, Page 2
— This is how the comic starts introducing the naive attitude of Kirba.

Kirby Tales in Dreamland is another Sprite comic on Smack Jeeves made by an not-company author named Expect loads of information~Kirby Tales in Dreamland also known as ("KTD 1") follows the residents of an future Dreamland which has been through so much adversity yet has grown to be now an peace-filled expanded planet filled with many many creatures, thanks in part to the acts of Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and one Waddle Dee with an bandanna and spear. These soon become role models and ideals to a lot of residents. After the events of Kirby Planet Robobot, and any other new title that comes out, the Hero of Dreamland never shown what his character is like Kirby met an female mirror Kirby named Mira. This lead to an unknown amount of time where they grown such an big bond that Mira accidentally used an spell that made an multitude of kirbies making Kirby the father of in unknown huge amount. Emergency was spread from space to Kirby and his pals, that he decided to leave what was now called NEW Dreamland in the hands of his last kid an young lighter pink Kirby named "Kirba" entrusting meta-knight, his son Jr. and Keeby to protect and teach her leading to the start of the comic. The story is a slice of life story following the main characters each with Too much information to them.


There is actually only 8 main characters in this story. They take the focus but aren't necessary the only characters looked into, more in this on the tropes.

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''Kirby Tales in Dreamland’' has examples of the following tropes:

  • Aerith and Bob: Lots and lots of normal Kirby Related Names that are just odd, but some that sound also very normal. Compare Kirba, Kirdee, Kitsy, Kredy to names like Violet, Kim, and Percy. Also in the case of names, its told that Kirdee names alot of minions...that leads to names that are an ironic joke on other names like Purpel to Violet. Yelow’s name is just the color yellow misspelled intentionally.

  • April Fools' Day: Subtletly here, Following the classic tradition of this holiday.

  • Deconstruction: It tends to deconstruct story normal tropes and Other Kirby Central Tropes. most deconstructions are hidden so subtly even the author doesn't notice them, until an second look. This also means making Genre Deconstruction like Violet’s specific dislike of the joke on Dragon Ball Z's overused pose except for an generic attack and any pose made to look awesome and normal but is weird is heck.

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  • Color-Coded Characters: Thankfully.

  • The Future: This follows the generic premise of the future concept like many other genres but blends it with the strangeness of Dreamland, a very big what if scenario where time has passed and Kirby is now officially his intended age. This also at least seems to be the first to do this concept in this sprite comic genre of Kirby comics. partly this might of been inspired by an old reading of this but really it's more an concept.

  • Loads and Loads of Characters: It's biggest flaw the comic has 20 + tiers of characters, and multitudes of unique characters, not one character—even the minors—don't have a lot of development in character and personality. The belief that no character is not truly important leads to some interesting things, mostly interactions and unique stories. Also, it leads to more urgency when a villain appears because minors could end up being cut from the story.

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  • Sprite Comic: Even stated at the top, Is A sprite comic using Kirby Super Star Ultra sprites like many others in Kirby comics while having it's own distinct style. Also it uses custom sprites... wait, wasn't this already stated similarly at Kirby Card Clash in the same fashion...? now isn't that meta~

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