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Your anger is what blinds ya,
Grinds your mind and it don't stop.
The flow of rhyme's what binds ya
To the true art of Tech-Hop.
Ice Cream Man, during his confrontation with previous champion Stelth

And It Don't Stop is a 39-page webcomic project (40 including the cover) created by Andrew Hussie, most known for his MS Paint Adventures, and Tauhid Bondia. It follows the newcomer battle rapper "Ice Cream Man" through a freestyle rap/robot battle competition. The story doesn't go any deeper than this, but the artwork is quite well done.

Read it here.

A six-page prequel by Tauhid was created to show Ice Cream Man and Stelth's shared backstory. Unfortunately, Tahuid's official website has since gone down, rendering it currently inaccessible.

This comic contains the following tropes:

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Stelth's Reverberata, once he's fed up with the competition, combines with other robots until it's the size of the entire building they were fighting in.
  • Battle Rapping: The premise; the slicker a rapper's rhymes, the more powerful their robot's attacks are.
  • Berserk Button: Stelth doesn't like losing. He'd rather commit a foul and destroy the entire venue than let Ice Cream Man show him up.
  • Dreary Half-Lidded Eyes: Ice's headband covers the top of his eyes, giving him a coolheaded look.
  • Future Slang: Used frequently, such as the rap battle being referred to as "Tech-Hop".
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Stelth, due to his villainous breakdown of all things. As Ice points out in the page quote and the lines that follow, Stelth is technically still in control of Reverberata even though he isn't rapping. Stelth misses this fact because he's so pissed off. Ice doesn't.
  • Improv Fu: The rules of tech-hop demand this. The rap battles are guided by "Grooves" and "Shades", which are unpredictable and can change mid-lyric at any time - "Groove" dictates a theme for the battlers' lyrics, such as heat or clocks, and "Shade" gives a word they must rhyme with. Most low-grade jockeys stumble at the very first switch. Both rules are "Freestyle" for the last round, allowing the finalists to bring whatever they've got.
  • It's Personal: The prequel reveals Stelth killed a friend of Ice Cream Man.
  • Parody Names: Some of the other competitors in the tournament (which we never see fight) go by names such as "Spitty-Spitty Bang-Bang" and "Illsbury Dope-Boy".
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Crush Groove, Ice Cream Man's robot, is capable of beating foes that tower over it as long as Ice's rhymes are good enough.
  • Power of Rock: More like Power of Rap. The robots' fighting skills are directly proportionate to their Tech Jockey's rapping skills.
  • Title Drop: During the climactic battle between Ice and previous Tech-Hop champion Stelth. It's currently quoted at the top of this page.
  • Tournament Arc: The entire comic, more or less, is a rap battle tournament.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Stelth. He starts yelling at Ice during the competition, then goes "screw this" and activates Reverberata to trash the whole place. The robots start duking it out and Ice resumes rapping, making Stelth angry that he's still treating it like part of the tournament.
  • Your Mom: Ice interrupts Stelth this way during the final round of the competition.
If we served up your mom, we'd end world hunger!