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The Black Hokage is a YouTuber who runs a gaming channel. His videos range anywhere from Troll videos, to game reviews, to commentary on a variety of subjects. Despite this variety, he is a solid gamer who reps Indie Games as well as well known titles, making fair though critical review videos.

He is also a member of Gaming Illuminaughty, a gaming channel and website who talk about gaming, anime, music and culture.


Tropes related to him:

  • Angry Black Man: TBH is a black guy, and makes tons of videos explicitly about "Shit he doesn't like".
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: TBH has no problem taking jabs at his viewers if he thinks they're being assholes.
  • Blatant Lies: Many trolling videos of his often involve him using these to annoy his victims of choice.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Often indulges in this during trolling videos.
  • Malcolm Xerox: Some see him as a bit of this. This can be discussed elsewhere.
  • N-Word Privileges: A firm defender, explaining that compared to privileges other races get, it's only fair that black people get their own word.
    • Basically sums it up like this: ''White people can say nigga when black people can control taxes."
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Is not a fan of this. He would rather white people act like they regularly do.
    • The Whitest Black Guy: He also mentions several times that he isn't a fan of people claiming he isn't black because of how he talks. He explicitly labels this stereotypical thinking as "White Science Lesson: #666."
  • Red Baron: Has a cavalcade of these, "The Black Ash Ketchum", "Modern War Negro"note , "Jiggaboo Jones", etc.
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  • Running Gag: During his trolling videos he often get's called a "Nigger" by those who he annoys and lampshades how uncreative using that as an insult is. Or he will reply that they don't even know he's black and say he is Puerto Rican or something.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: While an avid lover of his ethnic culture, he does sometimes advocate for this.
  • Take That!: His rant videos and "Shit I Don't Like" videos feature a lot of them.
  • Top Ten List: Gives a lot of them, with a particularly good one being his Top 10 Games Of 2015 Cypher.
  • Troll: Many of his videos, though not all of them have troll in the title.
  • True Companions: TBH and the Gaming Illuminaughty.

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