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Mr Doodleburger is the name of a youtube channel of extreme Black Comedy Gag Dub edits of various Australian television shows. In particular, Home and Away and Hey Dad..!. It began in 2010.


  • Black Comedy: It is extremely dark, and filled with profanity. Subjects include incest, domestic violence, torture, rape, murder and paedophilia.
  • Canon Welding: The episode A Cuntry Practice, is effectively a prequel for the Home and Away dubs. The doctor gives Alf the idea of inflicting pain on someone else rather than himself. Alf then comes up with the idea of a rape dungeon, and then the doctor gives Alf the name of a good architect, Martin Kelly, welding the two Gag Dub shows together into the same continuity.
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  • Country Matters: Reflects the growing use of the word in Australia, and sprinkles it liberally throughout the dubs.
  • Comedic Sociopathy
  • Gilligan Cut: In Fiddler On The Roof, Mr Kelly eats a dozen shrooms, and then tells Deb that "no-one freaks out on mushrooms." The next scene is Mr Kelly yelling out "I'm freaking out on shrooms" and going to look for monsters in the roof.
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Despite Mr Kelly's children discussing how depraved their father is, his acts towards them are played for comedy.
  • Reality Subtext: Mr Kelly's actor Robert Hughes was accused by Jenny's actress Sarah Monahan of molesting her during the shows production, and has a trial set down for early 2014. The dubs of Hey Dad..! were created in the wake of the original accusations and are effectively the inspiration for them.
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  • The Unintelligible: Betty.
  • Torture Cellar: Alf's rape dungeon.
  • Memetic Molester. In-Universe and out:
    • The Home and Away dubs revolve around Alf, who in the actual show is Cool Old Guy, but in the dubs is a rapist who has a 'rape dungeon' that he keeps well stocked with victims.
    • The Hey Dad..! dubs revolve around Mr Kelly, who in the actual show is a widowed family head, but in the dubs is a depraved sexual predator who molests his two daughters.

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