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Trains Formers is an Affectionate Parody series that combines Thomas the Tank Engine with Transformers. It is a series of short flash-animated films written and directed by James Farr (site here) for his young son Vector. The videos were featured on Youtube until HiT Entertainment intervened.

The first four episodes features Thomas and his friends battling the forces of evil by transforming into Humongous Mecha with Vector's help. After the fourth episode, however, Farr received a Cease & Desist letter HiT Entertainment, and was forced to remove them due to copyright violations. That seemed to be the end for the series until Farr found a way around it and created the fifth episode.


Farr has said in his YouTube comments that the series is not over, and that there will be a TrainsFormers 6. However, he has also said that he wants to finish some other projects first.

See also "Steam Puff," Farr's new steam-punk children's series which also features a transforming train.

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