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"Rated P for Parody".

"My name is James Farr, and I'm a professional nerd. When I'm not writing comics, or directing shows for other people, I'm at home making shows for myself. To that end, this channel represents all the things I love the most. Animation, innovation, and the best family a fanboy could ask for."

James Farr is, aside from the mind behind Trains Formers and Xombie, a popular YouTube animator, best known for his "Saturday Morning Multiverse" series of mash-ups, with each half of any crossover being a perfect fit for the other: examples include Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas, Blink To The Future, and Super Mario Busters. His most ambitious project to date, Super Smash Wars , has gotten so big (started as a standalone parody of A New Hope and got a surprise two-part sequel in January 2014) that it deserved a separate playlist.

Future fans beware: his videos are made of references. MANY references. He even was asked to do the annoucement trailer for Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove.

Check out both his website and his aforementioned YouTube channel. And feel free to add examples for tropes featured in works that don't have pages yet.

James Farr's works contain examples of: