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Yuko will return next season.
  • The last we see of her is climbing out of the dirt and proclaiming she understands anger. Next season, she will return to extract revenge on Titus and Jacqueline.
  • Jossed. Sort of. We see several different Yukos doing stuff in the background over the course of season 2, but we aren't sure if they are the same Yuko that Jacqueline and Titus tried to kill.

Kimmy never left the bunker.
The entire show is her wishful thinking.
  • Real killjoy, you are.

Logan will return next season, and will attempt to stage a Broadway version of Daddy's Boy.
  • Jossed. Though there are several Daddy's Boy shout-outs in the second season.

The story of the Mole Women will be attempted to be made into a Broadway show
Even possible competition with the above WMG of Daddy's Boy.

Jacqueline was adopted.
  • Not outright Jossed, but highly unlikely. After everything that's happened by the end of Season Two, there's no good reason that her parents wouldn't have told her by then.

'Rev.' Richard was describing meeting and marrying Lori-Ann.
With many of the plotlines from Seasons 1 and 2 resolved (and the only new major plotlines created having nothing to do with Kimmy), this may be the only possible way that Unbreakable can live up to its title.

Season 3 will open with Kimmy once again celebrating Christmas - this time actually on Christmas
Season 1 opens with Kimmy and her bunker-mates celebrating Christmas, but their celebration is short-lived when they're rescued from the bunker - and it's not even Christmas when it happens. Season 2 opens with Kimmy having her "Fake Christmas" with everyone in her apartment, which turns out to be a How We Got Here as Fake Christmas happens in a later episode. Also, the season 2 finale happened on Thanksgiving, said to be the gateway to the Christmas season. So season 3 will open with a legitimate Christmas celebration.
  • Jossed: it's her G.E.D. graduation party.

The cult Kimmy was a part of is a remnant of MKUltra.
Some higher-ups tried to reignite government interest in the group but failed, so they decided to become a cult. The "end of the world" the cult believes in is actually an incredibly warped description of the Upside Down.
  • Considering what has happened in season 2 of Stranger Things, it sounds plausible.

Dr. Franf was some kind of rodent before his plastic surgeries.
He still drinks out of a guinea pig water bottle and mentioned having eaten his children's placentas (something only animals do normally).

There will be a Robot Uprising
Yuko was introduced in the first season and since that time, there have been several robots spotted in the background, doing different goofy things. Eventually, this will lead to a plot where the robots revolt.
  • In Season Three, there's mention of a "Yuko Uprising in Japan" but there have been very few details.

Kimmy's biological father will be revealed in a later season.
Chances are, her father will be played by a famous comedian or something.
  • My money's on Louis C.K.
    • Very unlikely considering what's being said about him on the news.
  • With that being said, Matt LeBlanc maybe?

Kimmy will have another half-sibling.
After being told many times that he/she looks like Kimmy, this person will go to New York City to see if by chance they are related to her in an attempt to find out more about their father.
  • And if it's a sister, she'll be played by Aya Cash.

Kimmy is an alternate universe version of Gretchen Cutler.
Working off the above, Ellie Kemper and Aya Cash bear a strong enough similarity to each other to look like they could be related. Basically, You're the Worst is an alternate world where Kimmy wasn't kidnapped and turned into a Mole Woman and she grew up to be just as jaded and cynical as a regular human being.

Reverend Gary never had a Freudian Excuse.
Gary never had one to being with as the one he told to Wendy was to gain sympathy from her.So in short it is just For the Evulz.

Kimmy will become a author for young adult fiction.
At the end of season 4A, we see that Kimmy is now trying to get her book publish after a kid reads it and calls her to ask her questions about the book so afterwards she can be seen working on it setting up her story arc for season 4B and considering how she went from going to a college that is hard to get accepted in to and then getting a job in a start-up company what's really going to stop her from becoming an author?

Kimmy's biological father's name is going be Lance.
In season 2 the name Lance is considered be a super gay name for some reason so some people are going to assume that he is gay but he is actually heterosexual or somewhat bisexual for part of a joke.

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