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Headscratchers / Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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  • How can Kimmy gain the ability to lift things twice her size from turning the crank for 15 years because if anything the only thing she should be getting is aching muscles from turning it for 15 years.
    • While the super strength part is a bit of Artistic License for the sake of Rule of Funny, turning the crank would have been 15 years of resistance and endurance training for Kimmy, meaning she'd have strong arms and a solid core.
  • If he wasn't a religious person who knew the world wasn't going to end then why did Wayne kidnap 4 women in the first place for, if was to get power into his man cave then there had to be a less complicated to get electricity to said place but then again why would he build it in the ground to being with?
    • The VAST majority of cult leaders don't believe their own preachings. Wayne just wanted sex slaves and used his poorly thought out religion to control them.
  • Why would Donna-Maria not speak in english during the trial?
    • She said it herself - as the face of her mole sauce’s brand, she can’t speak English in public so her sauce’s sales stay up.
  • Not to be a bummer, but how are there no Mole Babies? Kimmy offhandedly says there was weird sex stuff in the bunker and calls the Reverend a coward who rapes everybody. He was also arrested while buying feminine supplies, so at least one of the Mole Women was likely capable of having kids. Was it just too dark an area for the show to get into?
    • Contraceptives. The Reverend might have given the women birth control pills under the guise of them being necessary vitamins or even crushed them into food he gave them. Alternatively, there are numerous ways to have sex or sexual contact with someone that won’t possibly get them pregnant—and as demonstrated, Kimmy definitely had a strange and disturbing idea of what sex is. Or the Reverend is impotent or had a vasectomy. Or any pregnancies that came to be were terminated, whether by the Reverend’s will or the Mole Woman’s.
  • Does Buckley know his heritage? Do his grandparents know they have a grandson? They're never shown interacting or talking about him with Jacqueline, and they don't seem to have had much contact during her marriage.
  • In one of Kimmy's flashback we see how she first met Donna-Maria, we see her coming out of one of the entries in to the bunker in her mole-woman clothes but in season 3 we see her in different clothes coming into the bunker from a snowstorm so did the writers forget about that event or has Kimmy forgotten everything about that day?
    • The first time donna-maria came into the bunker was 2003 in winter. the flashback you're thinking of is the first time Gretchen came into the bunker.
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  • Why was Jacqueline poor again after Russ became handsome and reunited with his family? If they got divorced, she should be entitled to more than just one apartment. If they didn't, then she should have access to some resources from him.

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