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  • From the very first episode, Kimmy convincing Titus to follow his dreams.
  • Jacqueline holding up a Native American necklace up to the mirror and saying "I love you." This was after she was shown telling her Lakota parents that she sold her grandmother's necklace and they said they didn't know who she was anymore.
  • Titus walking Kimmy to her first day of GED prep school.
  • Kimmy bonds with Kymmi after realizing that Kymmi's childhood, which involved being treated as a Replacement Goldfish, wasn't great either. They split their mother's locket, with Kimmy keeping the side with Kymmi's picture and vice versa.
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  • Titus and Lillian busting their asses fixing up Xanthippe's house after one of her Wild Teen Parties, all so she'll back off Kimmy.
  • Kimmy working to get Xanthippe sent to live with her mother in Connecticut, after having previously helped her avoid that fate. Xanthippe may not appreciate the sentiment, but Kimmy really was looking out for her, in spite of everything she had done.
  • Kimmy and Dong spending time together around the city and bonding as two people new to NYC.
  • In season 2, Titus and Mikey share a kiss that leaves Kimmy, Lillian, and the audience all going "Awwww!"
    • Later, Mikey comes out to his family, who all immediately accept him.
    • Let's face it, any moment with Titus and his Love Interest.
  • Kimmy helping Gretchen move on from life in the bunker by helping her start her own cult. Kimmy acknowledges that she can't expect Gretchen to move on the same way she has, and being a benevolent cult leader is the best way for Gretchen to move forward.
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  • Jacqueline realizes that while she enjoys having a more mellowed out son, Dyziplen is taking away his capacity to feel joy and stops him from taking more medication.
  • Jacqueline and Titus, two terminally self-obsessed characters, both realizing within the span of the same episode ("Kimmy Sees a Sunset!") that they have found someone who they genuinely care about enough to put their own needs second to. And then Titus' Love Interest shows in the same episode that he cares just as much about Titus.
  • Norman is an associate of Titus who spent his whole life acting and never achieved anything more noteworthy than playing a corpse on Law & Order. When he passes away. Titus and Mikey go to his funeral, and see several cast and crew members of Law and Order there, including Ice T, who gives a genuinely heartfelt eulogy pointing out that Norman, despite never making it big, had spent his life doing what he loved. And then plays Amazing Freaking Grace on the saxophone as Norman's body is dumped into the East River.
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  • Jacqueline is utterly horrified at Russ' family's ownership of the Washington Redskins football team and their blase attitude towards its Unfortunate Implications. She tells Russ that she can't be with him for this, but Russ (who had been pursued by gold diggers in the past and is suspicious of any woman that proclaims to have a romantic interest in him as a result) passionately kisses her and confesses to her that he hates the team's name too.
  • As it turns out, Richard Wayne Gary Wayne was actually going to marry Donna Maria, but Kimmy selflessly offered to take her place. She knew what she was getting into but had to protect this new captive.
  • In Kimmy Goes to Church! the old lady who Titus has a distrust for turns out to be a nice, but strict old woman who wanted to set her grandson up on a date with Titus. She's perfectly fine with her grandson being gay and even helps him get a date. Also, Kimmy was ready to attack everyone at the church, but in the end she realizes that they are just as normal as she is and she doesn't need to follow everything in the bible to be a good person. The female pastor even delivers a good message. As a Christian, that was a nice end to an episode and gave Kimmy a chance to the good side of religion after her years of being trapped by the crazy reverand.
  • Kimmy seems to have hit rock-bottom at the end of season three, having been booted out of Columbia and been told she can't even be a crossing guard. But then, light shines through the clouds — namely, because a former classmate of hers is starting a business and wants to hire her. Why? Because she saw him just after he dropped out, and he was going through some serious self-doubts about whether he did the right thing or not. Kimmy not only remembered who he was, but reassured him and told him to go with his gut and make his own choice, even if it's unconventional and other people don't get it. Turns out, that was exactly what he needed to hear — and, since he's incredibly socially awkward, someone who's good with people, like, say, Kimmy, is exactly who he needs to work with him.
    • followed by that is the last scene of season 3 on how Kimmy is in a ball pit and talking to a dog while making dog puns and its seems like by judging by her smile, she is now close to the life she always wanted outside the bunker.
  • Xanthippe goes to Jacqueline when she has a pregnancy scare, a marked evolution in their relationship, as Jacqueline notes that even if they're technically not family, Xanthippe shouldn't face pregnancy alone.
    • Near the end of the episode we see that Jacqueline now also has a picture of Xanthippe on her desk meaning that they keep contact with each other in some way.
  • "Ms.Schmidt? Your book makes me feel safe."

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