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Tear Jerker / Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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  • For all her optimism and determination, Kimmy's whole life story is just downright heartbreaking.
  • Lillian telling Kimmy that she should just move on from Dong and save her hope for something that is worth her time.
    Lillian: Kimmy, the sooner you quit something that stinks, the sooner you can find something that doesn't.
    • And this is coming from Lillian, who herself tends to live in the past.
  • In the sixth episode of Season 4, Kimmy decides to throw away her old backpack, which symbolizes the playfulness and imagination of her youth, to help her embrace adulthood. Her imagination projects the backpack as an adorable, Muppet-like character, who starts begging not to be killed. It's written as comedy, but the combination of Kimmy's internal struggle and the pleas of the backpack character are absolutely heartbreaking. At the last minute, Kimmy gets a call which makes her realize that her imagination still has value, and she decides not to go through with it.

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