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Buck, Alice and T recovered because Tara got rid of their stuff at the begining of season 2
  • With the other alters, Bryce had to destroy some sort of totem; Chicken's teddy bear, Gimmie's rain coat, and Shoshana's book. But then with Buck, Alice and T, all their "murders" occured "off screen." The reason for this is that there was nothing left to attack, Tara threw away all their stuff at the start of the second season when she thought she was better (well, for some reason she didn't get rid of Buck's guns and porn, but luckily Max got them out of the house).

Donald Hubbard was in a relationship with Alice, and the three months of No Transitions that preceded Season 2 are what drove him to suicide

He was familiar enough with Tara and the Gregsons that when Max knocks on his door at the beginning of one episode, he just says "Missing something?" to Max and leads him to where Buck crashed by his pool. Throughout season two, Alice made references to "dear old Don", and one of the Alters did paint a portrait of him at some point before his death(with Alice being the most likely candidate as she is only one who express desire in having Tara "teach her to paint"), and when Tara wanders off after the hurricane she wakes up on Don's grave.


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