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Ian Asmodeus is working for Maleria, and they aren't only Servant and Goddess, but lovers.
Pretty much a given. He works in the Darkside, saying that the rent is cheaper, and when his account appears, he pretends to love Shinwa, with a gallery. Shortly after, he had a very extensive Maleria gallery, and some of the items don't have to do with her, but with expressions of love. He claims that she hacked through his gallery, but shortly after, disappears and a user says they are together as Goddess and Servant, but he reappears saying that the girl is hallucinating. But then, how do you explain such critters as the Gelatin Monsters? He's a scientist with PHD in Genetics, that's why. They are together, and in many, many ways.

Shinwa is the Big Bad, not Maleria, Calvin Blackmoon, or even... Skitters.
Think about that: She is greedy as Hell, and could destroy where she lives in a whim (But doesn't because her Subeta temple is her current source of power, and destroying herself would be at least stupid). Also, if she was so kind, why would she have the Oracle to watch over her? That whole story about their planet being destroyed by Darkness, and such powerful overlords not stopping it in first place... Maleria is there to do some sort of Instrumentality-related project, or was framed for Shinwa's doings. Calvin Blackmoon might not be evil, too, because, besides him being a dictator, he transformed Atebus into an inhabited place with technology, and people practically live there by their own free will (You know, people go back and forth between Subeta and Atebus without Calvin's protest). And Skitters, besides being a zombie, has just some of the coolest items in his shop, no evil zombie would care to open a store with awesome products. And we've yet to see him eating any brains. But Shinwa... Oh, Shinwa. He loves to rip-off people for giggles, is extremely vain, and just doesn't really care for anything besides herself. Perhaps she's a greater evil, just with a nicer publicity than the other people.
  • Most of the zombies aren't evil, and while the majority of them dislike the living, that might be because the humans looked down upon them to begin with. Also, Skitters is one of the zombies who actually wants to make peace with the living.

The SQL Errors are being caused by evil squirrels.
And Keith probably has a room full of nuts (Not those nuts, they are just roaming free out there around the world) just to feed the pests, keeping them entertained. Doesn't work.

Subeta is a universe created by Haruhi
Just look at King Keith. He even got the same smile! But then again, since he's an Author Avatar, it might have Unfortunate Implications... We got our Haruhi, guys.
  • Note to self (Kieth): Integrate Endless Eight into the website, proper.

The Old Wizard is Subeta's God, Haruhi, or at least a Time Lord.
According to Subeta's mythology, if a magic user becomes extremely powerful, he or she might become a God. Elwood said recently that Wizard doesn't fear Maleria, who is a Goddess by herself. So he could have ascended to godhood, and doesn't know or want to admit it.

Alternatively, as Elwood said that Wiz can change the very fabric of reality, he could be Haruhi (well, at least he's perverted enough to be her). But altering reality might involve time travel, and then, he could be a Time Lord, too. If we take "old" off, it stays as The Wizard, and it sounds kinda like a Time Lord's name.

Euclid is, mentally, still a Wyllop.
Euclid spent some time as a Wyllop before he, somehow, transformed back into a human. He was a pet for so long that he still thinks like a pet. He wears no shirt under his labcoat because, in his mind, that's all a scientist needs. His serpentine sidekick is his minion.
  • Ian's the one to blame here in the Wyllop incident, Euclid only became a pet after breaking through Asmodeus' security to steal the Zapper's blueprints and throwing dire worms at his face. Ian himself says that the guy always acted like a rat; perhaps he said that not only in an offensive sense, but literally. About the lack of a shirt...
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  • Well, he possibly loves attention even more than Elwood.

Amy is Shinwa's daughter.
That's why Merana wants the girl dead. It isn't only because they look alike, but because Merana wants to take Shinwa's most precious being.
  • Jossed. With a really sad turn of events.

Selenis is Subeta in a really distant future.
Also, Shinwa is Amy, and Maleria is Dolly, as she was a blonde (The Oracle is probably Fantine). They went back in time and lost most of their powers because the planet was destroyed by Maleria herself, but if they didn't do so, perhaps Subeta wouldn't become a planet of gods and goddesses, and wouldn't be renamed Selenis.

The islanders aren't being mind-controlled, but they're being forced to worship Merana in another matter.
Possibly because they basically live by fishing, and Merana's controlling the Omen Island's waters, threatening to drown them all and drive fish away if they don't accomplish what she wants. It explains how they said they didn't really like Merana, but was, in fact, sacrificing stuff for her. In the end, it's all Shinwa's fault, and they might have reason to not like either.
  • Possibly confirmed, judging by how happy most of them are when Merana is no longer confined to the islands.

There'll be a three (Or four) way battle between the Goddesses.
Merana battles Shinwa, Maleria tries to take down Merana because the sea witch's trying to defeat Shinwa, Shinwa wants to defeat Maleria, too, and Oracle enters in the fight to try and stop them from destroying the planet.
  • Jossed... For this year.

Keith has the complete setting of all the Subeta history and events, and only leaks parts of it in the forums because the Subetapedia is still in a beta stage.
It explains the amount of writers, and how he always answers the topics with interesting bits of info for Subeta history from a chronology that's earlier than the site's very own existence.

The Healer is hiding something fishy.
She looks a lot like Blackheart's wife, Princess Liara (Who was estranged from her kingdom in the Sacred Lands and such). Which could be a bit troublesome.

If Elwood ever becomes evil, it's the Oracle's own fault.
He complains that the Oracle treats him badly and warns everybody about his threat, just because she predicted that he would be evil. Now, think about that: if everybody around you started to not trust you anymore, would you trust them back? It'd be pretty hard. Although Celano does look like Maleria, and he has Darkmatter bracelets, he still looks like he's mostly harmless, or only a trickster of sorts, which may reinforce the theory.

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