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Warning: Major Spoilers

Aria is on team A, or a part of it somehow.
All this began when Aria came back in town. She's also the last person we see in the credits, it's Aria putting her finger to her lips (a secret to hide as the body is being buried). Plus, one of the girls being in on it makes sense because there's so much unexplained otherwise. If it's one of the liars then we could understand how "A" gets every little bit of timing so perfectly. Aria seems the most likely to me.
  • Semi Jossed although she did get blackmailed from resulting in doing things for them in a later season.

The liars are behind everything, after all.
Plot twist! The liars really are behind Allison's murder (or if it's like the books, then Courtney's murder. They had motive after all. A year ago, when they were younger, the liars all came up with a plan to get rid of Allison after she'd gone too far. Plus in this version maybe they knew about Ian the whole time. Maybe the a-team is messing with them to try and avenge her death. Or they blacked out and don't remember themselves... (the pretty little liars)
  • Jossed

Maya lied about her parents.
When Maya has dinner with the Feilds, she describes her parents as easy going, quirky hippie types. Why then would they get so freaked out about pot, as to send her to a Christian reform camp? Also from her descriptions it seems she likes them, which she would not if they were homophobic, why then would they send her to a CHRISTIAN reform camp?
  • How do you know they were homophobic? They might just no want her to make the same mistakes they did.

Mike is gay.
And that's why he never shows up anywhere.
  • Not true, he ended up being revealed as having felt up and made out with Hanna when they were younger, and has been dating Mona.
    • Just because he was making out with Hanna and Mona doesn't mean he isn't gay. He might have a problem with accepting his orientation. Would explain his depression and his weird behavior in season 2. Also would explain why he was fascinated with Noel in season 1 and why he hanged out with him so often...

Mike is on drugs.
Which is why he's all strung out all the time and spaced out.
  • This is actually confirmed as early as the first book but may not be true in the series

Mike got blackmailed by A to break into people's houses to protect his sister.
Which is why he won't tell anyone.

Mike is in love with his sister, which is why he's taking out his anger out on her friends.
And why he doesn't want to talk to anyone about it.

Alli visiting Hanna in the hospital (in episode 1x11) really happened.
Alli tells her she needs to do something about 'A', maybe 'A' is actually against Allison and her plans, making 'A' either chaotic good or perhaps if the twin story is still a go, one of the twins visited her (the good one). The visit was supposed to be out of genuine concern for her safety and the safety of the liars. Plus, Alli said that a perfect lie is always better than the truth and that sharing the truth with someone once ruined her life. So if this visit wasn't just in Hanna's imagination then perhaps A-Team is against Allison.
  • Confirmed in season 4, Ali was alive after all. It wasn't that hard to guess.

Mona is Obfuscating Stupidity and will help figure out who A is.
Or she is A.
  • But then what the hell does Mona want? Let's assume she found Ali's diary and knows everyone's secrets... why become "A"? I get that she's angry for being ignored by these best friends when she wore glasses and braces and acted totally desperate to fit in... but what kind of idiot would devote soo much time and energy to this whole "blackmail operation"??
    • Well, if they follow the plot of the books, it would make sense as to why Mona is A.
  • As the series goes on, it's very obvious that A is no longer after them for blackmail or revenge or whatever else any more. A's new goal is to keep them from learning about something.
    • A recent episode had her break into the assistant principals office, spot a fraudulent piece of bribery from a couple of spreadsheets, then use it to blackmail said assistant principal. Clearly smarter than she lets on for the general populace.
  • Confirmed. Mona is A.. or at least part of the group who make up A.
    • Her motivation this time seems to be different though. It seems that this time she just really wants Hanna, her first friend, all to herself and will do anything to make it so.
    • Which is rather ridiculous when you consider that she pretty much had Hanna all to herself until she started the A scheme. Odds are if the girls hadn't received any messages, they wouldn't have hung out together at all.

All the girls' phones and homes are bugged
... and the bugs and cameras are tiny and/or invisible which is why they haven't been found yet. How else are we going to explain A's God-like omniscience??
  • This one actually seems to be confirmed for Hanna's phone as of the latest episode

Ali has a twin
Ok, this isn't a wild guess, I know this is what happens in the books. But that still doesn't explain the mom's attitude, and where the heck is Alison's Dad? Did Alison's Mom and Spencer's Dad have an affair? Are Ali and her twin Hasting's daughters?
  • Well Ali and Spencer are not twins and in the series Ali is not Peter's daughter. Jason is his son though.
  • It's confirmed that Alison's mom and Spencer's dad had an affair, but Jason was the result of it, not Ali. And Alison's dad (Kenneth) finally appears in Season 3, in the episode "Crazy".
  • Super Jossed

Toby's always been dark side.
Think about it, despite being sort of a Boo Radley type in the beginning, how genius would it be if Toby really was involved in the murder after all this time? He's had his named cleared for so long that it would be the twisty-st of twists. Maybe he fooled everyone up until now.

Jenna + Garret + Mona = A
Okay we all know Mona is A in the books, but the possibility of having multiple people playing A has been raised before. It's highly likely that Jenna and Garret are involved, as they discuss how they set the four main characters up by leading them into the woods to find what they thought was a dead body, then had them arrested in the summer finale. They were lead there by anonymous messages from A, which means Jenna and Garret are part of the A conspiracy. However, it's very obvious that there is a third person who has access to information that neither of them do. This person is a student in the same English class as the four girls (explaining how she knew that Aria was Ezra's student, even though Aria had just learned that herself), has a grudge against them, and somehow knew that they were invited to Mona's birthday party in Season One, even though it had just happened. This person must be female, since she said she'd be at Mona's party, which was girls only. She also knew about Hannah's shoplifting. (Presumably, since she knew Hannah was arrested for it and is probably the person who tipped the mall security off to the fact that it had occured in the first place.) There's really only one person who fits that profile and that's Mona.
  • What with Garret being dead and all, I hardly think he could be A

There are many minor As, but Alison is the leader.
Alison (the real one, not her twin Courtney) is behind everything, but gets others to do things for her under the guise of "A." So there are a lot of people who pretend to be A (Jenna, Garrett, possibly Mona, etc), but they don't know who the ringleader is or what her ultimate goal is. They're just happy to ruin the lives of the Liars.
  • Jossed

Eventually, one or more of the girls will say "Screw it", decide to reveal all of the secrets they're keeping and tell the whole world about A.
  • It's a common enough trend in fiction that the only way to deal with being blackmailed is to spill everything the blackmailer has on you, so they don't have any ammo on you.
    • Hanna tries this in Flawless but it doesn't work.

Neither Garret nor Jenna are A, or part of A, or in any way affiliated with A.
  • In "Over My Dead Body," they too received instructions from A and were given a means to get what they wanted from their "frenemy" A. Of course, it'll come at a cost and A now has blackmail material on them...

Lucas is being blackmailed by A because of his gambling addiction.
  • In 2x14 when he shows Hanna some of the trash collection pictures, the first thing on the screen is an online gambling site. In 2x15 before all the drama, he tells Hanna he can't afford to pitch in for the party. A finds out, and uses this against him.

Lucas lost money because of his gambling addiction and Lucas losing the money had nothing to do with A.
  • As above, but nothing has to do with A. Every single conversation he has with the crisis hotline has to do with classic hallmarks of gambling addiction (I almost got caught, I'm in too deep, I got sucked in, I feel powerful, I lost it all). He also refers to a group (They will never forgive me, they will make me life a living hell), so it's surely at least partly some kind of group that he's lost the money for. Could be his parents, the school or some other group of people at school. His solution isn't murder, it's to leave town for good.
    • Confirmed. Turns out to be Caleb who apparently had $4,000 stashed away. Lucas lost it, and the group he's referring to was Caleb and Hanna.

Alison is alive but not A
  • She appears to have saved Emily in 2x12. She also visited Hanna in the Hospital. She is in hiding because A is after her as well. She was offering Emily the chance to run away with her. This makes what she said to Emily make sense.
    • Absolutely confirmed
      • Not "absolutely", she is alive but she still might be A.
  • Confirmed

Also Ali was being blackmailed by A
  • A wanted her to expose Spencer kissing Ian, Aria's dad affair and threatened to expose her for kissing Emily which explains her hostility towards the girls.

Aria is the MAIN A
  • It seems crazy, but look:
  • Super Jossed

they actually have some valid points. ( Note = not my posts)

Mona was bribing Seth, the psychic kid from "If These Dolls Could Talk" for info about the girls.
  • This is a bit off the wall, but it would answer some of the questions brought up on the headscratchers page, like how she knew which box of cereal Emily would choose from the cafeteria and how she knew that the girls would decide to order Chinese food before homecoming. She'd been going to that doll shop for tips about the future.
    • Jossed . The unofficial Guide Rosewood Confidential states that Seth was never really psychic.He was given lines to say in order to creep the girls out as per his grandmother's deal with A(note how at the end of the episode the grandmother tells A "this wasn't part of the deal",referring to her shop being messed up,and A gives her an envelope of cash and Seth a large lollipop prompting her to stop complaining).

Holden died but no-one cared.
Which is why he hasn't been seen again. Everyone was too busy worrying over Maya and Allison to care about a kid who just moved back from overseas that no-one really knew.
  • Jossed as of The Remains of the 'A'

Alison had no romantic interest in Ian
  • Instead she was more interested in exposing him as the pervert he was and wanted to see him punished.

Nate is Maya's stalker
  • Not her cousin.
    • Confirmed.

Maya was an undercover cop trying to solve Ali's disappearance/murder
  • That's why she got in a car with Garrett.

Paige is part of the A team
  • Either that or she'll die. Hasn't any noticed that's what happens to Emily's love interests? First Ali, then Maya... either Paige will die or she'll be an enemy. The latter's more probably, since one of her love interests has already died...
    • Maybe she's the one who will turn against the team in "The Betr Ayal". After witnessing Emily and Nate kissing, it would hardly be surprising if she felt angry enough to lash out.
      • Both: Jossed

Paige murdered Maya
Okay, so for a while now I've been agonizing over this thing about Maya possibly being killed over what's on her website. The girls have combed through those videos (Emily especially), and all they seem to be about is how much Maya adores Emily. Whatever "Maya knew" as Mona puts it doesn't seem to be on there. So I started asking myself "Who benefits from Maya being gone?" and the obvious answer is "Paige". With Maya out of the way, Paige and Emily are free to date. And as Paige's first appearance demonstrated, she's certainly not above being violent with somebody who has something she wants. (Remember her trying to drown Emily?)
  • Jossed

Toby is on the A-Team to protect the girls, more specifically Spencer.
Not my personal favorite theory, but I've seen it on boards.
  • Word of God has apparently jossed this.
    • Word of God also said Toby was the moral compass. There's always a chance this can change.
    • Marlene King has confirmed that Toby has no ulterior motives, and is not on the "A-Team" to help the girls.
  • Toby being a double agent has been confirmed as of "A Dangerous gAme".

Mike is on the A Team
He's known about Aria and Ezra for a long time but his attempts to break them up have been unsuccessful.

The A-Team....
you may now proceed to shit bricks.
Mona started working for the Main A, after the other girls became friends
It makes the most sense.

Toby tried to defect from the A-team when he fell in love with Spencer
  • Basically what it sounds like. Toby was one of the original members of the A-team, but when he fell for Spencer, he decided he wanted out. A didn't take it well. This actually explains quite a lot if you really think about it. For example, remember A sabotaging the scaffolding at Toby's worksite? That makes a whole lot more sense if you think about it in terms of A punishing someone for leaving the group rather than randomly deciding to target an ally for no reason. When that didn't get his attention, A tried to burn Jenna alive to prove a point. It was his/her way of saying "Hey, see what I'm capable of? Do what I say or else." This would explain why Toby was acting extra-protective of Jenna after the fire. (Anyone else notice how close he was sticking to her?) Even though he didn't exactly like her, he didn't want her blood ending up on his hands. Fearing that A might go after Spencer next, he rejoined in hopes of buying her safety, so to speak.

Aria the head of the A Team

Alison is/was a sociopath
  • Fits pretty much all of the characteristics:
    • Manipulative and Conning- Manipulated Hanna into developing bulimia, Aria into coming to the Halloween party, and many many **other examples.
    • Grandiose Sense of Self- "That's immortality my darlings"
    • Pathological Lying - Her affair with Ian and hiding her A messages, etc.
    • Need for Stimulation - "I only kill when we need food. Or when I'm bored."
    • Callousness/Lack of Empathy- Her dealings with both her bullying victims and her 'friends' proves this.
    • Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity- Ian
    • Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them: Is constantly at heads with Spencer, the only liar to question/stand up to her.
    • Secretive- Had a Secret Identity..
    • Paranoid- Said secret identity, the snow globe etc.
    • Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired- The Liars
    • Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)- her treatment of the liars and Paige ("Think again pigskin. I own you now.")
    • Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim's life- the above, especially TRIGGERING HANNA'S EATING DISORDER.
    • Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim- Probably why she is so attached to the liars.
    • Unable to feel remorse or guilt- All of her actions, particularly the Jenna-thing
    • Extreme narcissism and grandiose- Holy hell
    • May state readily that their goal is to rule the world- she is very Machiavellian in nature.

Mona was friends with Hanna before Hanna became friends with the Liars
  • Explains:
    • Her reasoning for creating A, if not a lie or Insane Troll Logic
    • Why Alison received A notes.
    • And why Mona kept trying to hang out with the Liars despite constant rejection.

Ali has a baby
  • She ran away and faked her death because she was pregnant and once she had the baby, she wanted to take care of it rather than give it away. It explains her need for massive amounts of money, her improved personality, and why she can never stay.
  • Jossed it was hand waved as a false alarm

Spencer is (partially) faking her insanity to get admitted into Radley Sanitarium.
  • Spencer is in a lot of pain, she's angry and bitter over what happened with Toby, but, she's not stupid. Even at her lowest, she's still doing what she can when it comes to the "A-Team" (hiring a P.I. to tail Toby and find out where the key leads to, translating the postcard that Emily had, etc.). Spencer is probably upping the craziness a little bit. When Wren came to visit her at her house to talk about her mental state, a little lightbulb seemed to go off in her head, and she decided to put on a bit of a show to get admitted into Radley and get ahold of some medical records or something. Hence why she attacked Mona in a room full of witnesses with Wren present, when she could have done that at any time in private.

Melissa is the one who steamed Spencer
.That was my automatic guess and it should have been obvious to Spence. She did warn her earlier that she was keeping bad company

Alison is Red Coat and the killer.
Although they have denied following the books, they have been leaving a lot of hints about the twin storyline. Alison had a "you've been blessed with twins" photo frame in her room, she told that story about one twin trying to kill the other, and Hanna guessed that A was Red Coat and was laughed at. Way back in season one, when A sent them the video of Ali and Ian but cut it off at Ali gripping the ground, Hanna speculated that they were just hooking up, but the other liars immediately shot it down and decided that Ian had killed her. Hanna ended up being right. The writers could easily be using Hanna to make the truth sound ridiculous again. Plus, why would A have started messaging Ali under the initial "A" unless the original A—and current leader of the team—was the real Ali?

Mike is hiding something big that involves him or Aria.
Think about it. Mike is never seen on-screen anymore and is always staying with the parent that Aria is NOT with, almost like he's trying to avoid her. He has stolen things before so we know that he is capable of bad things. So, when Mike returns, something HUGE will happen or be revealed. It might not seem to involve him at first but he will eventually be revealed to be involved in it.
  • Kinda confirmed, after he came back Hanna revealed that she made out with him. Also he's been hanging out with Mona recently so something is definitely up.

Mona lied about the circumstances under which she met Red Coat.
  • Her story to the Liars doesn't really add up: She said that Red Coat approached her while she was in Radley and offered her free passage in and out if she gave Red Coat control of the A-team. But remember what Mona said when Red Coat first approached her? "I did everything you told me to." This implies that they knew each other before Mona went to Radley. Mind you, this doesn't mean that she was lying about not knowing who Red Coat is or that her intention to cooperate with the Liars isn't genuine, but it does raise the question of why she felt the need to lie about that particular detail.

Alison and Red Coat are playing a larger game.
Alison and Red Coat are both A, but they're competing about something. Alison is trying to protect the girls, but cannot in a straight forwards manner, hence why she keeps coming to check up on them. Red Coat is behind most of shenanigans that the Liars have under gone, but the more favorable ones have been Alison using them for her larger game. I think of it as two gods (Alison and Red Coat) fighting using Rosewood as the pieces.

Red Coat is not Alison.
  • They're obsessed with Alison, that's why they have so many pictures of her up, including in the drivers seat of the van. Also that's why they wear the wig and jacket- to look more like her.
    • Yes and no. Red Coat is CeCe and she has indeed been dressing like Alison, but there's another Red Coat and it's the real Alison.

Alison is a vampire
She was killed but with vampire blood in her system so she came back and she hypnotized someone into believing she died.

Lucas was involved in the attempted burning of Jenna and the attempted burning of the Liars.

Emily and Alison is endgame
  • Confirmed.

Spencer killed Alison.
We know she had a huge fight with Alison the night Alison disappeared, and that Spencer followed Alison outside, all while the other three liars slept. Spencer then came back into the barn alone and told the others that Alison was gone, and claimed, falsely, since we know that Spencer followed Ali, that she had "looked everywhere for her." Spencer then adds "I think I heard her scream." Note that Spencer says all of this with a completely flat affect, almost as though she were experiencing some sort of emotional disconnect from what had happened. This video gives a pretty good summary of the theory. As to the question of whether Ali is still alive, it's probably her twin.
  • Jossed She's not dead
    • Fine, Spencer attempted to kill her. Or, as above, Ali is dead and it's her twin pretending to be her.
  • I can see it happening, especially since according to spoilers for next episodes, Spencer has repressed memories from 'that night', she was probably taking drugs back then and that's why.
    • Jossed. Spencer did go after Ali with a shovel, but she never hit Ali with it. She dropped the shovel, they had a heart to heart about Spencer's drug addiction, and Spencer went back to sleep.
Jason Neville from Revolution is meant to be an Expy of Lyndon James.
  • They're both African-American (although Jason is mixed race, as shown in "Soul Train"), they both use knives as weapons, and they both use the alias "Nate".

Alison's ability to hold her breath for long periods is how she survived being buried.

Malcolm is not Ezra's son.
  • Back before 3B started, Aria's actress, Lucy Hale said "You’ll definitely see more of Maggie and you’ll see more of [Ezra’s] son ... or what you think is his son."
    • Further evidence is later showcased when we find out that Ezra's name isn't on the birth certificate and it looks like there may end up being a paternity test because Maggie wants to move. Very suspicious.
    • confirmed as of episode 4.10

Jenna, Melissa, and Shana were conspiring against A in the Season 3 finale, not against the Liars.
  • While this is a shaky assumption, let's assume for the sake of discussion that Melissa was telling the truth when she said she was looking out for Spencer the whole time. She was obviously meeting with Jenna and Shana that day, but the "bitches" they referred to were Red Coat and Mona, not the girls. Melissa's motivations for plotting against them are obvious: She wants to protect her sister. Jenna is probably involved because she feels obligated to Hanna for saving her from the fire. Shana is involved because she's in love with Jenna and Jenna asked her to.

The whole series boils down to a war between CeCe Drake and Alison.

  • CeCe is essentially the new and improved Courtney DiLaurentis. For one thing, she impersonates Ali sometimes, just like Courtney did in the books. (They also have the same initials) These impersonations were treated like a game by Alison and CeCe, but maybe on the night of Alison's "murder", one of them went a little too far for Alison's comfort. CeCe and Ali fought and CeCe overpowered her, ultimately striking her with a shovel. (A weapon of opportunity perhaps, given that the DiLaurentis backyard was being dug up at the time to prepare it for a Gazebo to be put in.) Believing Alison to be dead, CeCe panicked and used the shovel to bury her. She didn't know that Alison was actually unconscious, but Alison's ability to hold her breath for long periods of time kept her alive and allowed her to punch through the ground with her hand. Spencer, who was wandering around at the time, saw her and pulled her free. (This would explain where she was while Aria, Emily, and Hanna were asleep.) The girls had been drinking at the time, so Spencer may have been blacked out when this happened, explaining why she doesn't remember. Now Alison and CeCe are working against each other, but neither one is going after the other directly. Instead, they're playing Chess, with Rosewood as the board: CeCe is trying to keep Alison's friends from looking too closely into the murder. (The "A" scheme is a distraction.) Alison is trying to keep her friends from being hurt by CeCe.

Jenna knew about Ezra.
Remember way back in Season 1 when Jenna told him how fascinated she was by the nature of evil? Maybe what she was really saying was "I know who you are and what you did." This might explain the later attempts on her life. He set the fire during Season 2 in an attempt to get rid of her, but when this failed, he realized that he needed help, so he had his Dragon CeCe go meet Mona and negotiate the transfer of leadership of the A-team to him. Come Season 4, he had one of the team members attempt to drown Jenna.

Miss Grunwald was blackmailed into using her powers to help A.
She's a good guy like she says, but A got something on her and forced her to use her premonition abilities to advance the scheme. This would make some of A's more ridiculous moves make a lot more sense. (Season 1's fortune cookie message, anyone?)

There's an Anti A-Team
  • This one is all but explicitly stated in "Now You See Me, Now You Don't." There's an Anti A-Team that's out to save the girls from Ezra and his team. The members are:
  • Alison - she's the second Red Coat and the head honcho of the team.
  • Mona - In "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", she talks with Jenna about something secret and wonders if "she" would be okay with whatever they're about to do. Since the leader of the regular A-Team is a guy, she probably meant Alison.
  • Jenna - Seen with Mona during the above scene.
  • Shauna - Clearly allied with Jenna, as demonstrated during the Season 3 finale.
  • Melissa - Same as Shauna.
    • Supporting evidence: Alison saving the girls from the fire in the season 3 finale. It's pretty hard to believe that she charged into a burning building and rescued all four girls without some kind of help.

A. is really...
Hillary Clinton.

"A" is for Antihero.
Spencer killed Alison (the person whom the Liars think is the still-living Alison is actually her twin sister), and A knows it, but can't prove it. A is so certain of Spencer's guilt, and so desperate to prove it, however, that he or she has been willing to "frame" Spencer for the crime, and has been tormenting the Liars in the hopes of getting one of them to come forward. A has been operating under the (entirely reasonable) assumption that the Liars all know that Spencer did it and have been covering for her.
Mona was working for Alison since Season 1
  • She was Alison's double agent in the A-team, playing the role of villain while secretly assisting The Liars when she could. (Early on, "A" actually helped out the Liars on occasion, such as when Noel was going to expose Aria's relationship with Ezra). In the Season 2 finale, Alison decided it was time for Mona to leave the game for a while, so she had Mona get caught and sent to Radley. The person Mona was talking to when she said "I did everything you told me to" actually was Alison. The A-team leader tried to kill Mona in the Season 3 finale because he/she discovered this fact. This betrayal forced Mona to go from The Mole to a full-on ally of The Liars. Her motivation? As we saw in "A is for Answers", Alison showed her how to go from a mousy dorkish loser to a popular Rosewood High "it girl"; she felt indebted to Alison.
Sydney and Jenna are twins.
  • The two looked very similar when both of them were wearing sunglasses. Also taking note of something Marlene King said that the role of Sydney was something they had been planning for a few seasons and wrote some bits specifically for the actress.

Bethany Young attacked Ali with the rock
We know that Mrs.Dilaurentis often took Bethany places,bought her nice gifts and asked Bethany to call her aunty Jessi. All of this would seem to indicate that she cared for Bethany,yet in a later recording Bethany states that "she" lied and betrayed Bethany. We also know that Mrs.Dilaurentis was having an affair with Bethany's father and that(according to Mona) Alison was aware of her mother's infidelity and had lured Bethany to the Dilaurentis's back yard that night. So how about this: Mrs.Dilaurentis was spending time with Bethany because Bethany's father asked her to and the two grew to like each other,Bethany to the point of wanting Mrs.Dilaurentis to be her actual mother. Of course Mrs. Dilaurentis couldn't spend all her time with Bethany,having her actual children to take care of and all. Mrs.D likely mentioned Alison to Bethany and eventually had to stop visting Bethany so much,Bethany grew jealous of Alison for being Mrs.D's real daughter(hence the she betrayed me stuff in the recording). At some point Alison discovered her mother's affair and also learned of Bethany,Alison became jealous of her mother spending quality time with this random girl and(perhaps not realizing that Bethany was a mental paient and potentionally dangerous) called her out to the Dilaurentis house saying Jessica wanted to see her(or posing as Jessica saying she wanted to see her). Bethany snuck out of the hospital and went to the Dilaurentis home beliving that she could mend her Relationship with Jessica. However Alison met her instead and taunted her that Jessica didn't really love her,that she could never be Jessica's real daughter,and that Bethany and her father should just go away. Alison then headed home but just as she reached her house an enraged Bethany came up behind her and hit her in the head with the rock. This would explain the phone call Mrs.D recieved from Radley just before Alison was attacked,the franic "what have you done?" mantra,and Mrs.D apparently Protecting Ali's attacker by burying her own daughter. Granted it still leaves questions but it's something to consider.
  • Jossed it was Charlotte mistaking Ali for Bethany.

Ali didn't kill Mona.
Mona was likely killed by A, who is known to have a fetish of dressing like Ali. She'll probably take the blame before being proven innocent.
  • Confirmed

Mrs.Dilaurentis buried Bethany,NOT Alison.
Again not my theory! Read it here:
  • Jossed Melissa buried her thinking she was Ali and that Spencer killed her.

Bethany did Kill Marion Cavanaugh but it was an accident
One day Bethany and Marion were getting some fresh air on Radley's roof when Bethany started having an episode. Maybe she halucinated that Marion was going to hurt her or was a monster or something and pushed Marion away. Unfortunately Bethany Pushed too hard or they were too near to the edge and Marion fell off the roof to her death. To protect both Bethany and themselves Radley's board of directors(including Jessica Dilaurentis)concocted the story that Marion had killed herself.
  • Confirmed

Bethany is related to the Dilaurentis family
The theory that's been going around lately is that Bethany Young is actually related to the Dilaurentis family somehow,most seem to believe that Bethany could be either Jason or Ali's secret twin. Here's the thing though When Bethany died she was seventeen while Ali was fifteen and Jason was 21(as was Cece Drake)so no twins there but that doesn't mean that Bethany isn't related to them.Possiblity one:Bethany was the illegitmate daughter of Jessica Dilaurentis. Obvious I know as Jessica was in an affair with Bethany's father but there is one flaw. How did Jessica hide a pregnancy from her husband? Maybe she didn't,perhaps Jessica let Kenneth belive the baby was his but when she was born Bethany's father demanded custody of her threatening to expose the affair if Jessica didn't comply. Jessica agreed and gave Bethany to her biological father then told Kenneth that the baby didn't make it.Possibilty Two:Bethany is Kenneth's illegimate Daughter. Kenneth had an affair with Bethany's mother in the past and Bethany was the result. Jessica,Bethany,and Bethany's father were all unaware of this,making Jessica's later Affair with Bethany's father and her relationship with Bethany one big ironic coincidence.Possibility three:Bethany is Jessica and Kenneth's secret second child. Born inbetween Jason and Ali,maybe her mental problems were discovered early on and she was sent away,possibly under a different last name to hide her. Jason would've been four or so making him too young to remember her and the man Bethany belived to be her father(and whom Jessica was seeing)was her doctor. Alternately Bethany was given to relatives to raise for some reason,they noticed Bethany's mental problems and comitted her. Jessica was in an affair with her brother in law,Bethany's "father".Possibility four: Bethany is Jason and Ali Cousin and Jessica was in an affair with her brother in law.Possiblity five:Bethany is the second child of Jessica Dilaurentis and Peter Hastings. As inpossibility one Jessica let Kenneth belive the baby was his but later decided she couldn't deal with having TWO reminders of her affair around and Peter couldn't take her without arousing suspcision so Jessica gave baby Bethany up for adoption then told Kenneth the child didn't make it. Years later Jessica,through her position on Radley's board of directors and/or her affair with Bethany's father discovered that Bethany was the baby she'd given up all those years ago and tried to reconnect with her daughter without actually letting on to Bethany that they were related(Hence Jessica asking to be called Aunty Jessie).

Melissa did not go the stables with Jessica and Bethany
The girls found Melissa's riding helmet at the stables because she had gone riding there before but not with Jessica and Bethany. Melissa likely didn't have contact with Bethany until the night of Ali's disapearance and didn't know who Bethany really was until the remains in "Ali's" grave were identified.

Alison is not A.
She clearly has some mental problems and likely isn't on the side of good completely but we all know in this show that the minute you're accused of being A, you're automatically going to be revealed at some point to not be A.
  • Confirmed

Lucas killed Mona
He was at the crime scene and he had the motive to want to destroy both her and frame Ali. Plus Grunwald said something about betrayal regarding Mona. Who would be a better betrayer than her #1 minion.
  • Mona isn't dead

Cece is Charles.
Someone suggested that Charles might be transgendered and later became Ce Ce Drake after getting surgery. She decided to date Jason to screw with him and be closer to Ali.
  • Confirmed. Charlotte 'Cece' Di Laurentis, although Drake is correct as well.

Sara Harvey was Red Coat.
So at the beginning of season six Sara Harvey, another blonde queen bee who went missing around the same time Ali did, was found alive in Charles' "Doll House". It seems she was another "doll" that Charles collected before he grabbed the other girls and there is even speculation that Sara may somehow be Charles. But how about this? Charles did kidnap Sara for his doll house and over time stock home Syndrome set in(or just insanity, remember Sara was in there for several years)leading her to begin working for Charles as red coat, posing as the leader of team A. I know it was reveled that both Ali and Cece acted as red coat but that only really makes sense for the incident in Ravenswood. What about that night at "Ali's" grave? Or the fact that Mona was apparently taking orders from red coat, under the impression that red coat was Ali? That only makes sense if Ali is in fact A (which we know she isn't)or if Ali and Cece had infiltrated team A which is possible but then why wouldn't Ali mention that when she told Emily that she and Cece were the two red coats in Ravenswood? In fact Ali only mentions being red coat with Cece in Ravenswood which brings me back to Sara Harvey being red coat.
  • Confirmed Sara was helping Charlotte